All Of Our Oculus Quest Launch Coverage In One Place

by Jamie Feltham • May 21st, 2019

Today’s the big day! Oculus Quest, Facebook’s long-anticipated standalone VR headset, is finally available. Fast-fingered pre-orderers should be getting units arriving on their doorsteps throughout the day. It’s like Christmas, only with annoying family time replaced with glorious isolation.

There is, quite frankly, a lot to talk about today, some of which you might have already missed. So we’re bringing all of our Quest launch coverage under one roof to make sure you get the most out of your headset. We’ll be adding to this list as our coverage continues so make sure to check back often.

Oculus Quest Hardware Reviews

Oculus Quest Review

Still on the fence about picking up a Quest? Our extensive review has all you’ll ever need to know about the headset. We’ve had an exhaustive amount of time with Quest now, tracking battery life, performance and, well, the tracking itself. Our final verdict is right here.

Also, while you’re at it, why not check out our review for the new Touch controllers that come bundled with Quest? Oh and there’s a travel case that’s worth checking out too.

Essential Lists

Everyone loves a good list, and we’ve already got plenty of them for Quest. From the best games to buy to titles that support cross-buy and beyond, take a look at our comprehensive round-ups.

Every Oculus Store Game/App With Cross-Buy

The 10 Best Oculus Quest Games To Buy At Launch

Install Sizes For Every Quest Launch Game

How To’s

Need a little help getting up to speed with Quest? We’ve got a bunch of helpful how to articles to suit your needs.

How To Stream Oculus Quest To Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, And More


Why read about VR when you could watch it? Check out our archived livestreams (and ones to come!) to see the standalone headset in action.

Oculus Quest Launch Day Giveaway Livestream

Oculus Quest Game Library Preview Livestream: Launch Day Lineup

Oculus Quest Launch Library Livestream: Vader, Beat Saber, VRChat, Rec Room, And More

Rec Room And VRChat Oculus Quest Livestream – Standalone Social VR

Oculus Quest Livestream: Wireless Roomscale VR Games

Oculus Quest Game Reviews

Star Wars Vader Immortal Review

Of course, Quest isn’t just about hardware; there’s also a slate of VR experiences to dive into. Around 50 titles arrive today, some brand new, some ports of Rift games. We’ve got impressions of a good chunk of them below.

Superhot VR

Dance Central VR

Virtual Virtual Reality

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 1

I Expect You To Die

Apex Construct

Creed: Rise to Glory

Beyond Launch

There is, of course, much more to come for Quest.

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time


Other Headlines

Apex Construct Quest Tracking

Don’t go yet! Just a few last bits of housekeeping before we let you loose in VR.

Watch Apex Construct Played In A Field

New Oculus Touch Replacements Now On Sale

Facebook Looking Into Multi-Account Support

No Cross-Buy For Superhot, Moss And Beat Saber

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