Oculus Rift 1.28 Update Adds New Avatars, Language Support

by Jamie Feltham • June 27th, 2018

Those that have opted into Oculus’ Public Test Channel now have new ways to outfit their Avatars.

Yesterday Oculus started rolling out the Rift 1.28 update to the beta testing channel. Those hoping for the arrival of some of Oculus Home’s long-promised features like multiplayer will be disappointed, but there are some neat additions here.

For starters, 1.28 introduces upgraded Oculus Avatars with new hair options, skin shading and clothes and eyewear designs. Better yet, there’s a new Avatar Editor mirror that you can place inside your Home environment for an easy-access wardrobe. You can even take the mirror into certain apps like Brass Tactics to change your look on the fly.

Elsewhere, Oculus Dash, Home and the Desktop app all now support a wider range of languages, including Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin American), Italian, Norwegian, and Polish. Just head to the Language Preference setting in the Oculus Desktop App to find your ideal setting.

Finally, Oculus is beginning to test out personalized app recommendations through the desktop app and there’s now the ability to select apps based on supported languages.

Not the biggest update, then, but Oculus is promising more news on Rift Core 2.0 arriving later this week, so hopefully we’ve got some exciting things to come.

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