Oculus Rift+Touch For $315 / Oculus Go For $162 Via Black Friday Friend Referral

by David Heaney • November 22nd, 2018

UPDATE: the friend referring does not need to own the specific headset you are buying

If anyone you know has an Oculus headset, you can currently get an Oculus Rift+Touch for just $314.10 or Oculus Go for just $161.10. The Go price is USA-only, but the Rift price can be attained in any of the 22 countries the Rift ships to.

How? Facebook’s Oculus is currently running a Black Friday sale on Rift and Go, bringing the prices down to $349 and $179 respectively. That’s a good deal already, but recently Oculus also added a 10% off referral program for Rift and Go.

The good news? They stack. That’s right, the Black Friday discount and 10% off from referral can both apply together, bringing the prices down to $314.10 and $161.10 respectively.

So how does it work? All you need is someone in the US who already owns an Oculus headset. This could be a a real life friend, or just that person from a Discord you’re in who always talks about their shiny new VR headset. Tell them to sign in to this page on the Oculus website, select the headset you want from the dropdown list, enter your email address, and click send. The person referring can do this up to 3 times.

You’ll then receive an email with a 25-character promo code. Simply expand the ‘Have a promo Code?’ box in the top right of the Oculus.com basket and paste in the promo code you received. You should then see 10% off applied on top of the current Black Friday discount.

As stated above, Go referral codes are strictly USA-only, but the Rift codes will work for any of the 22 countries which Facebook ships the Rift to. The person sending the referral code however has to be in the USA, or at least have a US IP address.

That means Europeans can get a Rift for €359.10, Canadians for C$404.10, and Australians for AU$476.10. All you need is a friend in the US with an Oculus headset.

This is the lowest price the Rift and Go have ever been sold at. Amazon sold the Rift for $399 with a $100 Amazon Gift Card on Prime Day in 2017, but that lasted for only an hour or so. The Black Friday weekend deal ends on Monday, so you’ll need to take advantage of this double deal before then if you want these prices. We highly recommend that you do so.

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