Oculus Rift Inventor Palmer Luckey Pledges $2K To ReVive Hack

by David Jagneaux • June 28th, 2017

Palmer Luckey just reportedly pledged $2,000 to CrossVR’s Patreon campaign which is used to fund the ongoing development of ReVive, a popular hack that allows Vive users to play Oculus-exclusive content that isn’t released on Steam. The move comes off as a bit of a surprise due to the fact that Luckey is the inventor of the Oculus Rift and co-founder of Oculus VR, a company that he is no longer a part of after leaving in March of this year.

Back in April of 2016 we published a story about ReVive when it first rose to popularity. As a result, Oculus’ PR team responded stating that, “This is a hack, and we don’t condone it. Users should expect that hacked games won’t work indefinitely, as regular software updates to games, apps, and our platform are likely to break hacked software.”

That very next month a new update to Oculus Home blocked ReVive access, which was eventually remedied with Oculus even reportedly working to increase compatibility with the likes of ReVive.

As it stands it’s unclear whether or not this relatively small donation is a sign of any growing support he may have for ReVive or any other non-Oculus products and software. CrossVR’s Patreon is set up so that the account receives funds on a monthly basis, so it’s likely that this constitutes an ongoing monthly pledge that will recur.

We’ve reached out to Luckey for confirmation on the donation coming from him and will update this story once we know more.

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  • iUserProfile

    You’ll need to insert a trollface there.

  • Kenny Thompson

    No wonder FB pushed this guy out. Seems like he’s a lose cannon.

    • SandmaN

      Intentional spelling? That seems to unfortunately work as well. 🙁

  • NooYawker

    Maybe his departure from oculus wasn’t mutual.

    • Dan Teh Chad

      Mutual? He was replaced as the head of his own company, due to his own incompetence in business management and personal image management.

      Let’s be honest here, between his fairly regularly negative press pop-ups, the fact that Oculus hasn’t begun paying off as Facebook hoped, and the massive legal actions against them -there was never anything ‘mutual’ about his leaving. Whether he left of his own accord, or was shown the door, it’s pretty clear that he won’t be welcome back there, or likely much of anywhere in silicon valley.

      • TyrelUK

        Facebook didn’t think that Oculus would pay off for many years yet. They are working on a long term plan, not a quick gain. You can’t pump that much money in to something this new with such a small userbase and expect to recoup your costs in a year.

      • Where did you pull this “fact” that Oculus hasn’t been paying off as Facebook had hoped for from?

        Was it out your ass by any chance?

        I mean, the Gear VR has sold around 6 million units already, maybe more, and the Rift probably half a million or so; that’s a pretty decent number of units out there this early in the game for a company that has stated many times it knows this is a long-term opportunity.

        Ignoring the lawsuit with Zenimax, which clearly wasn’t planned at part of Facebook’s business strategy when it purchased Oculus, where exactly are you shovelling your inside information from?

      • Get Schwifty!

        Wow hate on Palmer much? You say an awful lot about someone without really knowing them or what went on consider it was all behind closed doors… you can guess all day with comments like that but you really don’t know what the feeling was. If you honestly think Palmer couldn’t work for another company in Silicon Valley you are sadly mistaken, people get sued for all kinds of shit there all the time and get snapped up almost immediately… such is business.

  • Tenka

    My only worry is, if this starts some kind of beef up with Oculus and Palmer or Oculus/Revive and cause them to reinstate DRM trying to stop ReVive.

    I dont know whats going on behind closed doors with Palmer but he seems to be doing things that are obviously passive-aggressive attacks at FB/Oculus. This shit could escalate to the point where it could wind up hurting the consumers of either Vive or Oculus if not both.

    • koenshaku

      True, palmer seems to be eating bitter grapes.

  • Good. I’m happy Vive owners have a way to play all the great Oculus exclusive games on their headset. Ideally we’d be able to play all VR games on any headset. So I support this move.

    • Get Schwifty!

      Now if developers for games hosted on Steam will pledge to make all games support Oculus directly we’ll be in perfect shape.

  • Kalle

    This is not weird at all, the issue Oculus had with ReVive had nothing to do with not supporting the Vive, it had to do with ReVive breaking their copyprotection for their store games.

    In Mars/April 2016 CrossVR announced on Reddit that he was going to remove the need of Oculus Home running in the background when playing games that originated from Oculus Home when using ReVive. And therefore totally removing the copyprotection for all games etc.

    Right after this announcement ReVive got locked out. Is that really so hard to understand? I don’t understand why people still sweettalk that breach, while simultaneously being against piracy. During that month Oculus patched the hole, or came to an understanding together with CrossVR.

    When it comes to platform support (Vive support in Oculus Home) we don’t know the whole story, the business behind all this is quite complex. And I think both Steam and Oculus are “bad fishes” when it comes to this. I think Steam won’t let Oculus implement support for Vive in the OculusSDK without some economic gain due to loss of sales on Steam if Vive users started buying games on Oculus Home instead of on Steam. On the other hand Steam would gladly implement support for Oculus in SteamVR due to it boost sales on Steam. And then Oculus is stubborn, thinking of the money instead of real support for the Vive. Here comes Revive and brings support to the Vive without the need for Oculus to pay anything to Steam.

    Supporting Revive behind the scene, that’s a Win for Oculus actually.

    • Michael Davidson

      / This. Thank you for what is most likely the least subjective post.

    • NooYawker

      “Supporting Revive behind the scene, that’s a Win for Oculus actually.”
      Not for Facebook. The Oculus store will never produce billions in revenue. Selling customized Ads does. So they only want people to use their hardware for a number of reasons.

      • Kalle

        I don’t agree with you there, but as I said, none of us know the whole story.

      • Get Schwifty!

        It’s not about selling billions in revenue from hardware or software…. its about establishing a VR identity for Facebook’s social media…. they don’t really care about serious revenue from the platform or Oculus Home….

    • Get Schwifty!

      This man (or woman) get’s it – good post.

  • Robbie Cartwright

    For David, RoadToVR’s article stated it was 2,000 a month, not just 2K total. Do you know which one is correct?

  • Christopher Gabrielson

    This whole article actually seems like some low brow gossip. A paltry $2,000 towards something thats cool, why even bring it up? Seems like they are going for some sort of scandalous angle or something; maybe thats just how it comes across to me.

    • Toby Zuijdveld

      Right up there with Polygon mentioning peoples monthly Patreon income when cooking up hit pieces in order to get Patreon to ‘investigate’ them.

  • Palmer is trolling Oculus 😀

  • Blair Renaud

    Oculus should buy revive and include it with Home purchases.
    Porting from Rift to other systems is a bit of a pain.

  • M0rdresh

    Maybe the guy never was in favor of the exclusivity drive at Oculus.
    I’m personally in duality when it comes to this, on the one hand I hate any form of exclusivity and love HTC Vive’s approach, on the other hand I love the games Oculus has helped funding and hate HTC Vive’s lack of auction in that department. (own a Vive, Rift and Gear VR)