Oculus Rift And Touch Bundle Get Huge Price Cut To $399 For Six-Week Sale

by David Jagneaux • July 10th, 2017

Starting today and running for the next six weeks, Oculus has announced that an Oculus Rift + Touch bundle will cost only $399. This is a huge (temporary) price cut from the previously established $598 tag, which was an approximately $100 price cut from the previous ~$700 cost that both ran most people. After the six-week long $399 sale the bundle price will return to $598.

Oculus’ VP of Content, Jason Rubin, revealed the extended sale on a phone call with UploadVR last week as part of the company’s ongoing Summer of Rift promotional period.

“$799 was too much and $598 is reasonable for hardware, but it’s just still expensive,” explained Rubin during the interview. “There is a mental difference there. But $399 we know is a price that moves VR hardware and it’s a price at which consoles have moved. It seems to be a magical price point and it seemed like the right price for something like this.”

While he didn’t name names, clearly he is alluding to Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset which is the leader among tethered non-mobile VR platforms with over one million units sold despite the Rift and Vive each getting an approximately 6-month head start.

“To a certain extent if you’ve been waiting on the sidelines this is your price point,” elaborated Rubin. “We aren’t foreclosing anything it’s just a temporary sale. When we have sales like this in the Winter and Summer you’d think there would be a hangover in which people have exhausted their purchasing for the time being, but in practice that doesn’t happen. Instead so many people buy and talk that people keep buying things anyway. It’s a sort of ‘I missed out on the sale but won’t miss out on life’ mentality.”

Since the fantastic Oculus Touch controllers launched in December of last year the level of quality for Oculus Studios titles has increased dramatically. Almost everyone that owns a Rift has purchased Touch, according to Oculus, and Oculus Studios has promised at least one major title each and every month this year — a promise it’s met thus far.

“When it comes to something expensive like VR, everyone has a different utility calculus,” said Rubin. “There are lots [of people] that know they want it but don’t have the money, then there are others that don’t know they want it but do have the money.”

Interestingly, other than limited sales and small bundles here and there, HTC has not discounted the Vive since launch. At GDC 2017 we spoke to the Vive-creator and they told us that “don’t feel the need to cut the price of Vive” because they’ve “had incredible success, and continue to see great momentum in market.”

What do you think of this massive temporary price cut? Is this enough for you, or someone you know, to finally pull the trigger? Let us know down in the comments below!

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What's your reaction?
  • Mane Vr

    now how about some more exclusives for the people who already own rift get us some ports to great aaa games

    • Crunchy005

      VR is to small to have AAA exclusives. Don’t start trying to treat VR like a console. We need the devs to have as much of a player base as they can so VR takes off and becomes profitable for AAA games. If you want better games for VR we need to avoid exclusives. Consoles are big enough that exclusives can make money.

      • Mane Vr

        They can just by not taking oculus money no one is forcing them to take the money y should fb pay for a game to go on the vive

        • Crunchy005

          And Facebook doesn’t even have to offer exclusives. I feel it’s hurting VRs growth not helping it. It’s just a way for them to sell their headset that already isn’t selling. Although revive is still a thing. So they are basically paying for games to go on vive

          • Mane Vr

            O so u think they should stop funding games altogether?

  • Jay degaris

    It is saying $449 here in Australia NOT $399, what horseshit is this. Deceiving marketing tactics OCULUS!

    • Jomas Benfell-McCormick

      That’s 10% Tax, is normal

    • pin0y

      get a grip of yourself. With that price tax and postage to .au is amazing!!!!


      Same comment on R2VR. Pathetic!

    • Ståhej

      Are you stupid or what? The price on this site is in USD and not AUD. One USD is worth 1,31422 AUD at the moment so you’re actually getting off cheaper you moron…

    • polysix

      you idiot. since when does US dollars = OZ dollars?? weirdo.

  • Andrew Haughan

    Wow that is a big discount. I really want the vive and was planning to buy in September but the price difference is now very large and hard to ignore. It’s this a sale prior to new hardware announcement at oculus connect maybe. Despite them saying not.

    • koenshaku

      I would still wait until September, I think Microsoft’s MR HMDs will be out also at $400 with the controllers. Seeing if those will support SteamVR will be interesting, because they’re higher resolution and lighter. I paid $600 for my Vive on sale over the holidays from the MS store well $700 plus a $100 store credit that I used to put towards a GTX 1070. I don’t have buyers remorse given that tracking was broken for oculus at the time. But that is a really good price and it suits the value of the oculus rift I think.

      • polysix

        aren’t the MS ones using sub par LCD not Oled?

    • polysix

      I’ve had vive and honestly couldn’t recommend it at now almost twice the price as rift, so long as you are ok with running facebook spyware on your pc and supporting facebook in general (yuck). I’ve also had DK2 and PSVR they all had pros and cons (yes even DK2 which had much nicer black levels than CV1 or Vive). At this price though? if you’ve been waiting for VR it’s worth a shot, can always sell it again… though personally I’m trying really hard to hold out for GEN 2 – I would love wireless, I hate god rays/lensflares (rift and vive both have but PSVR doesn’t) and I really want higher resolution asap… If LG announced a date/price/spec for their vive+ competitor then I’d wait, microsoft aren’t really pushing high end just yet? and Vive 2 is nowhere to be seen… HTC also are a bit janky in customer service and fit and finish (hated the vive ergonomics).

      • Andrew Haughan

        Yes I think I will jump in at this price. It’s now being slightly offset by the price hike in the new graphics card I’ll need to buy, what with all the crypto coin mining driving up prices. I think I’ll buy the headset now and wait to see if graphics cards come down again once the dust settles on the whole crypto currency thing. I think most people will be very happy with either headset. I agree that the Vive has more potential at the moment but soo expensive when you factor in buying a wireless solution, deluxe audio strap, new knuckles controllers when they come out (you would have to buy then 🙂 ) and even a Vive tracker. What a cool setup you would have but ohhh so expensive. As for new headsets, it’s a bit of an unknown so hard to hold off and potentially miss out on this deal.

    • Nikki DePaulo

      I have the vive. and if the rift had been this price, i would have purchased it instead of the vive. The bottom line for me is – the tech is developing to quickly this early on to have any sort of brand loyalty right now. I advise people to just get the xp in and enjoy for the lowest price possible. It will all change in a year. Better to have spent 400 less on tech that will be soon outdated.

  • impurekind

    That is an amazing price.

  • wowgivemeabreak

    Wow, what a price! Anyone who is interested in VR and has the pc power should be jumping on this.

    • wheeler

      I doubt they would do it in preparation for the release of another HMD. Instead they would sell as many as they could as the highest price point and only reduce the price upon the release of the new hardware. I doubt they’re making anything off of a $400 system so they’d be giving them away for free for no reason at all. I think they are just taking a loss in the short term in the hopes of capturing market share.

      • koenshaku

        Agreed it is for 6 weeks only after all seems more of a market experiment than an actual price cut.

  • Lyndon N

    Its super cheap but the next gen vive is clearly going to be wireless, tracks all of your fingers and the roomscale tracking is more accurate. Feel like i can wait for a more future proof hardware like gen 2.

    • Crunchy005

      I’m hoping all second gen headsets sell the HMD alone for those with lighthouses and controllers already. Need some upgrade paths that aren’t an entirely new system.

      • polysix

        ebay is your ‘upgrade path’ (sell old kit buy new). Fragmentation sucks.

      • wheeler

        I would imagine that other SteamVR competitors will realize that a large percentage of their market will be gen1 users looking for an upgrade. They would be dumb not to offer HMD only offerings. Not saying they won’t be dumb.

  • wheeler

    Wow, did not see this coming! I wonder what the motivation for this is. Is it an act of desperation due to poor sales? (I thought they were losing money at $600) Did they get word of an upcoming competitor that’s about to announce something disruptive? Do they expect the Zenimax case will result in halted sales? The $600 price point (which was put into effect just a few months ago!) obviously didn’t accomplish what they wanted it to.

    HTC basically has to reduce their price to $600 or less now.

    • Crunchy005

      Not sure if they are losing money at $600, the Oculus is lighter mainly because I think it feels cheap compared to a Vive. The thing is made of cloth and cheap plastic, or so it feels, with the lens adjustment slider feeling like it will fall off the first time you touch it. Although if I was buying a VR headset now, I would probably jump on the $400 Oculus, but the Vive at the moment seems like the more future proof solution.

      • polysix

        Vive is janky as hell, and i’m an ex vive owner talking. It’s a total face brick. I can’t stand facebook so i’m stuck here… waiting for vive 2, LG, MS.. but at this price? the rift is a pretty good deal but if you CAN wait i’d wait.. gen 2 is going to be so much better.

        • Crunchy005

          I think the vive is just fine, coming from a current vive owner.

      • Justos

        The Rift is not cheap at all, the cloth is custom for one. if anything the vive feels like a brick but thats not a good thing for something mounted to your face. In fact, i would say it being lighter and ‘cheap’ is better.

        • Crunchy005

          The lack of any decent amount of foam on the rift makes it fairly uncomfortable, I feel the vive is actually more comfortable thanks to its thicker foam and it just seems to sit better against the face. It’s really not a “brick” as you put it. The uncomfortable most people reference is merely the weight, which has gone down since release and the audio strap makes it even better. The rift I felt was the lesser of the two. Now at $400 the rift is priced how it feels, ‘cheap’. It works well so for $400 I have to say it’s a great headset, but I don’t get your hatred for the vive. I think both systems are necessary for the ecosystem if the rift becoming cheap helps VR grow I’m all for it.

    • Behram Patel

      I think the move is just to punch Vive in the guts.

  • David D. Taylor

    This is such an incredible price! Can’t recommend it enough. As someone who has spent many hours in both Oculus and HTC, Oculus is far superior in quality of hardware, software available, and overall experience.

    People bring up better tracking for Vive, when really, it’s now identical… if you set it up correctly. I can’t remember the last time I had any tracking issues with my room-scale setup. They are both great headsets, though.

  • Ombra Alberto

    Good price.
    The VR for PCs will be much closer to the consumer.

  • JeanClaude

    Damn, just bought it at their last special, which included 100$ in free games. Honestly, its a bit manipulative of them to offer such a better discount only a few weeks after. Oh well, I still thoroughly enjoy my Rift, and do hope tons of people buy it at this price so we get more quality games.

  • Sha Sha

    I am really tempted by this sale! I have had Gear VR and now Daydream. Gear VR was fun. Daydream is not so great. My question is, am I going to see a large enough jump in performance to justify it?