OC4: Oculus Rift and Touch Now $399 Permanently

by Jamie Feltham • October 11th, 2017

Sorry if you bought an Oculus Rift and Touch in the last few weeks; it just got yet another price cut.

The bundle is back to $399, the price it was cut to for this year’s Summer Sale, only this time it’s permanent. Over the last few weeks it had been priced at $499. It’s the third Rift price cut this year.

So, who wants a Rift for Christmas?

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  • CarlosTSG

    So where’s her controllers in the above picture?

    • polysix

      one in each hole?

  • dk

    cool 460 with a 3rd camera

  • unreal_ed

    My guess is it’ll stay at that price for a while

    • polysix

      it’s a new permanent price, of course it will duh! it’s not a sale.

      • Mike McLin

        He means the price won’t drop again, like to say $250.

      • unreal_ed

        No, I meant they won’t do another permanent price reduction for at LEAST a year but probably even longer. (My guess is they’ll drop the price again once they have a replacement for the Rift, which I’d expect some time in 2019)

        • dk

          I bet they won’t drop the price any more ….and next October the next generation will be announced at 500-550

  • koenshaku

    I am surprised it went back up the $500 after MS annouced WMR. I will probably buy a WMR HMD this holiday because of the native windows support and it will likely support the xbox one x in the future.

    • dk

      yep competition drives the prices down if there were no WMR headsets they would have milked the consumer with a hundred bucks more for like another 6-12 months …….also when it was 500+60 for a 3rd camera it’s really close to the 600 for the vive

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    Not to surprised. If they priced it at the exact same price of the Samsung HMD, they wouldn’t sell many…since who would pay the same price for a worst product.