Oculus Rolls Out Parties For Rift So You Can Finally Connect With Friends (Update)

by Ian Hamilton • August 4th, 2017

Update: As of today the update is now officially rolling out across the entire ecosystem, not just in the PublicTest branch.

Original: Oculus is rolling out a test for a major feature that Rift owners have been clamoring for — parties. The new update will let up to four friends chat with one another across Oculus Rift apps.

Here’s the explanation of the latest update:

Today we’re rolling out an update to PublicTest that includes a new feature: Parties for Rift, so you can talk live with friends. In Oculus Home or Universal Menu, you can select a friend and choose “Invite to Party.” Friends in your party can chat with you across Rift apps, or wherever you go in VR. Each party can support a total of four people at a time and each person must have the PublicTest build installed to use Parties on Rift. Access to Parties will be rolling out gradually over the next twenty-four hours, so if you don’t see it right away, be patient.

We recently covered the other major feature in the 1.17 test update which allows Rift owners to stay inside Oculus Home to enter virtual worlds downloaded from Steam or elsewhere. That post includes some instructions so you can join the test.

The important “Parties” social feature couldn’t come at a better time with the impending demise of Altspace, giving Rift owners a chance to more easily socialize in VR. Valve’s Steam added a social home space in recent months. While the Rift feature is just an initial release, it might dramatically change the way some people use the headset. Hopefully this is just the beginning of social feature additions to Rift.

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  • polysix

    coolio englasio!

  • Ted Joseph

    Been waiting for this since I purchased the Rift! Awesome!!!

  • Great

  • Bundy

    I need more friends with a Rift 🙁

    • Ted Joseph

      Add me StarRiderX. WIth respects to co op I play Arizona Sunshine, Raw data, Gunfire, Rec Room, and purchase all new co op games coming out – Killing Zone, Arktika.1 , Star Trek, etc.

  • Zen Joshua

    This will be good. I made friends in Echo Arena but lost contact with them when we tried to enter matches together. Hopefully this way we can finally chat again.

  • Ted Joseph

    Sent a post to the Oculus Team after trying this. They need to add party mute (currently only has mute yourself), volume control for each party member, and promote to leader in case the leader leaves.