Oculus Rolls Out Time-Restricted Refund Policy For Gear And Rift

by Ian Hamilton • September 26th, 2017

After a test period in the UK, Facebook’s Oculus is rolling out a refund policy that allows people to get their money back on “most apps” sold by Oculus as long as the player hasn’t spent too much time visiting an individual virtual world.

On Gear VR you can request a refund within three days of purchase and less than 30 minutes of playtime. On Rift, the policy lets you request a refund within 14 days of purchase and less than two hours of playtime.

Knowing they can get their money back might make Rift owners more willing to buy software on the platform. The update comes amid a number of improvements to the Oculus platform, including the addition of Parties on Rift so people can more easily explore virtual worlds while talking with friends.

Oculus is set to reveal next steps with its platform on Oct. 11 and 12 at Oculus Connect 4.

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