Some High-Priced Oculus Store Games are 33% Off Right Now

by Ian Hamilton • January 2nd, 2016

Oculus launched its first-ever sale with 10 games currently offered at 33 percent off. The sale ends Jan. 6.

As of this writing, seven of the games on sale were originally $10, making them among some of the most expensive in the store. These games are also some of the best available on Gear VR. These are the games that are typically $10:

  • Omega Agent (a jetpack exploration game and one of Oculus CTO John Carmack’s favorites)
  • Daydream Blue (hands-on and video of the multiplayer lake-side are you can play in)
  • Dead Secret (an awesome and creepy puzzler)
  • Bazaar (a magic carpet ride controlled with head movements, our review)
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (c0-op bomb defusing and a major indie hit)
  • Evil Robot Traffic Jam (arcade/strategy)
  • Darknet (cyberpunk puzzler and game jam winner)

The remaining games on sale were originally $5:

  • Esper (puzzler which just saw a sequel released)
  • Twisted Realms (strategy)
  • Bandit Six: Salvo (shooter)

The sale is an interesting test for Oculus. It allows the company to see if apps sell better when they are temporarily discounted but also might provide data that could suggest whether or not people aren’t buying apps because they perceive them as being priced too high.

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