Oculus Teases New Rift Games For PAX East 2018

by Jamie Feltham • February 26th, 2018

We may be seeing some brand new Oculus Studios titles in just over a months’ time.

Last week Oculus VP of Content Jason Rubin told fans to “Stay tuned to PAX East” for more Oculus Rift games over on Twitter. Rubin’s Tweet was in reference to last week’s release of Brass Tactics, the first Oculus Studios title of 2018. It’s quite possible, then, that we’re set to see new Oculus-published games for the Rift at PAX East, which takes place from April 5th – 8th in Boston.

Having said that, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some of these games before then. Next week sees the 2018 Game Developers Conference get underway in San Francisco. Over the last two years Oculus has used the event to reveal a slate of titles coming to the Rift and Gear VR over the next 12 months, and it could be planning to do the same this year. Given Rubin didn’t mention GDC in the tweet, though, Oculus may have different plans in store for 2018.

Currently we only know of a few Oculus Studios titles on the way, including Marvel Powers United VR and a VR shooter from the developers of Titanfall (though the latter isn’t due until 2019). We’re hoping the company has plenty of new experiences to reveal in the coming weeks, then.

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  • PoTemos Comunismo

    Oculus is shit company with shit politics…

    • Justos

      What a shit comment with no value.

      • Mane Vr

        Lol i was about to say the same Thing. So sick of the hate oculus get

    • polysix

      and yet still make the best VR hardware (balanced and all round). The moment I tried the rift I didn’t regret one bit selling my old vive (or PSVR). It’s like .5 gen ahead already.

      Facebook are ****s for sure, but I don’t let that get between me and good VR 😉 Lone echo cleaned up awards for a reason.

    • PJ

      I don’t care, the controllers are the best, the ‘home’ is the best and the headset is marginally the best, and oculus’s Own funded games are amongst the best VR games on the market, also it’s cheaper than the Vive, if you have a small play area then the two oculus cameras work great for room scale, if you have larger play area than an additional 3rd is needed, but even with the additional camera it’s still cheaper than the Vive.

      I would love to see truly open PC VR, after all the PC is an open eco system and VR is a PC peripheral, but Oculus isn’t the ‘bad guy’ people make out, the are not blocking revive, that have said so, so with this simple 3rd party tool anyone can play, oculus’s own funded games. The real ‘bad guys’ in VR right now are actually my favourite developers/producers, Rockstar, actively going out of there way to block any headset that isn’t an HTC Vive, ridiculous, oculus games are sold on Oculus home because they fund the games, in same way Valve sells Half Life on steam, and EA sells Battlefield on Origin etc.

  • Firestorm185

    Can’t wait to hear more about Echo Combat, if that’ll be there!

  • David Cole

    Still waiting on the Marvel VR Game. That game looks awesome.. Hope is is release end of April when Infinity Wars comes out..