Oculus Touch Battery Cover Coming Off? Here’s What Facebook Recommends

by Ian Hamilton • May 22nd, 2019

We’ve seen reports from others now confirming an issue with the battery compartment of the new Oculus Touch controllers which ship with Rift S and Oculus Quest.

I noted in my review of the Rift S that “I also found the battery compartment on the new Touch controllers came loose in my hand easily enough to ruin playthroughs in games like Beat Saber.” I emailed Facebook at the time, asking about the issue, and received the following on-the-record explanation:

“The Oculus Touch controllers have been designed and tested under a variety of play conditions. If people experience the Touch battery compartment cover loosening or shifting during play, we recommend first ensuring the battery cover friction pad is in place and intact, and the wrist straps secure but not too tight. Adjustments to grip strength and position can also help. If they encounter persistent issues, users are encouraged to reach out to Oculus Support.”

The issue with the new Touch controllers seems to reveal itself when gripping the controller tightly during active play or when sliding your palm over the cover in a certain way. Not everyone is reporting the issue and Facebook is recommending, essentially, that people should loosen their grip and use the wrist straps to feel more comfortable not holding the controller so tightly.

We haven’t resorted to using tape just yet to lock the battery cover into place but it might come to that at some point. If you are experiencing the issue or have any recommendations for how to fix it, please share in the comments.

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