Oculus Update: Import Objects To Home, 5K Video Method Released

by Ian Hamilton • June 19th, 2018

Oculus is supporting the glTF 2.0 file format in its Home environment and allowing users to import 3D objects with the latest update.

With the 1.27 update rolling out today users get to import 3D objects and use virtual computer monitors, TVs and arcade cabinets to display traditional windows and applications from their computer. Later this month, the creativity app Medium will get support to export creations directly to this home environment. These customization features could go a long way to helping the Rift deliver a more personalized and comfortable experience. For instance, people could start using this functionality to import a 3D couch model that’s then placed in the same general position as their real-life couch.

Oculus today also revealed details surrounding CTO John Carmack’s “5K” method for increasing the fidelity of 360-degree video experiences, though it comes with a “key compromise” requiring creators “to accept lower resolution at the top and bottom of the sphere.”

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