Onward Update 1.4 Adds Spec Ops Halloween Mode And Pistol Attachments

by David Jagneaux • October 26th, 2018

Onward’s 1.4 Update today brings with it a lot of improvements and new additions. Chief among them is a brand new game mode called Spec Ops, which works a lot like typical “Infection” modes from other shooters. In the mode, a Volk soldier armed with only a knife gets increased speed, visibility, and some utility items to try and take out the Marsoc team. It’s hunter versus hunted.

You can see a teaser of the mode, which has some heavy Halloween-style undertones, right here:

Also included in the 1.4 Update are molotovs and C4 for the Volk specialist class, pistol attachments like suppressors and red dots, a revamped Subway map, some new gun models, better UI, and more. Onward will also be free on Oculus Home this weekend from today until October 29th so you can try it out at no charge to see if you like it.

Onward is widely considered to be one of the (if not the absolute) best VR shooters on the market and it was first created by a single indie developer. You can read more about its origin story here. We’re still waiting to hear about what’s next from developer Downpour Interactive.

Since then the game has gone on to include co-op modes, tons of maps and guns, and so much more to establish itself as the premiere VR military simulation shooter. Check out our field guide for detailed advice on getting started with the game.

Let us know what you think of the update down in the comments below!

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