Oovoo plans to bring their 120 million users to VR, exclusive report

by Will Mason • January 8th, 2015

Oovoo, one of the leading social media companies in the world, is getting into the VR space, according to JP Nauseef the company’s managing director. In an exclusive interview with Upload, Nauseef and CMO Chris Wire revealed the company has plans to integrate its platform with Oculus VR.

“The universe of possibilities is virtually endless,” said Nauseef, “we are picking the applications very carefully but integration with Oculus is one of those.” When pressed for further details Nauseef remained coy, “we want to save some surprises for later.” However, he promised that further announcements in the next two quarters and hinted at the mobile world conference and Barcelona being the place where the platform will be revealed. “This is the year, it’s going to be exciting.”

This is all obviously extremely exciting for VR as it has the potential to be a revolutionary social platform. With 120 million registered users Oovoo is one of Skype’s top competitors and is one of the top social media apps in the world. The potential of this marriage is obvious as it would expose the massive, established user base to virtual reality.

This news all comes at the same time as Oovoo announced its intelligent video platform powered by  FaceShift technology. At the booth the company was demoing this new tech in an impressive way, stay tuned for that video later.




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