Orah 4i Is A $3,600 Live-Streaming 360 Camera Available For Pre-Order

by Charles Singletary • December 18th, 2016

At the forefront and what looks to be a massive shift in media, many creators and enthusiast are keeping their eyes peeled for the latest and greatest tools. Stand-alone 360-degree cameras and mobile phone accessories are steadily entering the market, raising the bar every step of the way. In April we reported on the new Orah 4i, an impressively compact all-in-one 360-degree live streaming camera, and now you can pre-order the camera for yourself.

Sporting events, concerts, and more are live streamed through a collection of newer and old companies and usually require a complex set-up of equipment to make it happen. With more equipment comes more complications, but Orah is a simpler solution with two components. The camera itself records 3D sound from 4 microphones and 4K video (Ambarella video processor and Sony EXMORE image sensor) with a 30fps live output and it’s all processed through a stitching box. It includes a 3.5mm jack for external output, saves recorded footage to an SD card, and can output live to any CDN (content delivery network). The device is priced at $3,595 which may shock, but we’re at an early stage of adoption for these tools and this particular camera is combining a lot of elements into one.

We previously reported on social vr platform vTime introducing a recording option that could open up avenues for creative content including virtual podcasting. A natural branch of that conversation is live-360-broadcasting of live-action podcasts and similar content, and Orah opens the door for that. Anyone willing to invest right now could get a leg up on other early adopters and trendsetters. There’s risk, no doubt, but the trajectory of growth and interest in 360-video content and VR headsets could make for massive reward. Pre-order the Orah 4i here.

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