Original Samsung Odyssey Down to $350 As Odyssey+ Supposedly Launches

Yesterday we reported that Samsung had finally revealed its long-rumored Samsung Odyssey+, an upgraded version of its Windows VR headset. At the time, we didn’t know when the headset was actually due to release. Well, it’s actually available now. Or at least Samsung says it is.

The company listed an October 22nd release date for the device in a recent blog post announcing the headset. Apparently it’s available via both Samsung’s online store and the Microsoft store. The only problem is we can’t actually find it on the latter platform and the former doesn’t allow us to purchase it, either. No doubt availability will crop up online in the coming days and weeks, so best keep your eyes on both outlets.

Odyssey+ will also be coming to Korea, China, Hong Kong and Brazil at a later date, though once again Samsung isn’t listing Europe for release. The original Odyssey never came to the region and it looks like the same will be true here, but we’ve reached out to Samsung to confirm this.

Finally, there’s good news if you were thinking of getting the original Odyssey; it’s down to $349.99 on the Microsoft Store, which is an absolute bargain for its inside-out tracking system and 1440 x 1600 display resolution. What you won’t be getting is Samsung’s new anti-screen door effect (SDE) filter, which gives Odyssey+ users a clearer image inside the headset. We haven’t seen the filter applied within the headset itself yet, but the prototype display we viewed earlier this year was at least promising. The kit’s a little lighter, too, for what it’s worth.

Elsewhere in Samsung land, the company recently confirmed that it’s working on a hybrid VR/AR device. The Samsung Odyssey++, perhaps?