OSVR announces 65 new partners and a content discovery platform

by Will Mason • September 4th, 2015

Bringing an entirely new industry to light requires the passions of many individuals who are willing to contribute to a larger purpose, which is what makes open source something that is incredibly important to the development of the virtual reality industry. Both Oculus and Valve have heavily embraced the concept, Valve with OpenVR and Oculus with moves like open sourcing the schematics, firmware and mechanics of the DK1 (something that we are willing to bet they will do again with the DK2, at some point). It is also why so many companies have happily jumped on board Razer’s open source VR project, OSVR.

Today, in addition to announcing a new developer kit, OSVR also announced a whole bunch of new program partners, 65 of them to be exact, bringing the total to 230 partners. Additionally, OSVR announced a content discovery platform – a move that is interesting given its emphasis on development.

This round of additions brings with it some very intriguing names:

NVIDIA Gameworks VR

nvidia gameworks

NVIDIA’s Gameworks platform has already gotten support from Oculus and HTC/Valve but now the company’s reach is extending to OSVR. Says Yuval Boger, “our work with NVIDIA is a key step towards achieving our goal of providing developers with a comprehensive infrastructure that allows creating high-performance VR and AR experiences regardless of the particular operating system, HMD platform, game engine or input peripherals.”


A large creative agency devoted to virtual reality. Working in conjunction with OSVR and several universities. Developed a full body markerless motion capture system for VR, among other projects.


A leader in benchmarking software, they are currently working on developing the “industry standard” for VR benchmarks.


A technology development company out of Turkey, Hendesehane is developing something very interesting for the world of VR. A wireless transmitting adapter for VR which claims to support up to four users with only 1ms of latency, while consuming 12 watts of power per hour. Products like these are very intriguing when the words ‘room scale’ begin to be thrown around.


Legendary VR

With a number of experiences under their belt like the Pacific Rim: Jager Pilot  and the recently released promotional experience Warcraft: Skies of Azeroth, Legendary is proving to be a studio that is incredibly committed to the VR industry. The company will be bringing its content to OSVR’s content platform in the future as they support “the growth and development this platform will bring to the VR industry and audience.”


To read the full list of all 65 OSVR partners, click here

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