Oculus Hints At Preorder Numbers: ‘A Couple Hundred Thousand Dev Kits Is Nothing’

by Joe Durbin • February 10th, 2016

Palmer Luckey hinted at the Unity Vision Summit that expectations for Rift orders should be well outside of the hundreds of thousands.

“A few hundred thousand dev kits is nothing compared to what we will be doing this year…” Luckey said.

During his speech, Luckey said Oculus has shipped nearly 200,000 Rift dev kits between DK1 and DK2 to date. Going off of these comments, it does not seem to be outside the realm of possibility that Oculus is expecting, or hoping, to ship Rifts in the magnitude of millions.

Luckey also announced, “something like 90 percent of the things on the Gear VR have been made using Unity.”

In his speech Luckey seemed to be rallying the gathered developers to build amazing content for VR. To that end, he also took the opportunity of the keynote to announce that every person who has or will purchase an Oculus Rift will receive a four-month free trial of Unity Pro.

“When we started our Kickstarter and got dev kits out there we wanted to make sure everyone got access to them. The best ideas weren’t gonna come from people you would predict,” Luckey said.

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