Palmer Luckey Is Now A Moderator For The Oculus Subreddit

by David Jagneaux • February 9th, 2018

Today, it was announced on the Oculus subreddit forums that Rift creator Palmer Luckey is now one of the forum’s official moderators.

Luckey has had a very eventful year and a half. After departing Facebook (the company that owns Oculus) back in March of 2017 he has stayed relatively quiet, but that’s likely about to change.

As a longtime member of and advocate for the community, Luckey will likely be much more involved in conversations regarding his former employer and the company he helped build. In the past he has made statements that were loosely associated with his departure and even helped fund a hack that gets around the Oculus Home store for Vive users, but has mostly remained detached from the VR community as a whole.

“I look forward to serving the community,” writes Luckey on Reddit in response to the announcement. “It has been incredible watching this sub go from a hyper-niche enthusiast hangout to the mainstream. This has been the single largest VR community in the world since near the start, and I think it will stay that way for a long time, even as the eternal September continues.”

It will be interesting to see Luckey get more involved with the VR ecosystem once again and hopefully announce some of the projects he must be working on. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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  • Jonny

    That’s awesome. Good to see him “back” in the community in such a prominent way.

  • Surykaty

    A good guy at a good place. The smear against him was so ridiculous it simply didn’t stand the test of time and evidence.

    • killdozer

      He smear himself by hanging out with alt right

      • gothicvillas

        Alt right? Lol. Where did you read this? In CNN?

        • killdozer

          No, on vrandfun where is photo of him hanging out with racists Johnson and Bannon

          • ummm…

            they are racists? first off racism is a complicated topic. if you think some people are racists and some people aren’t then you are missing the big picture. so until you define racism and why steve bannon is clearly one, and not you just deciding some policy has some malevolent racism embedded, forgive me if i roll my eyes. im a liberal, and im so sick and tired of this lizard brained lens that “progressives” have used to beat us all into victim vs. perp paradigms.

          • Finally some people who make sense! It’s like watching Ansari get lynched as a rapist for “not picking up on non-verbal cues”.
            I see a lot of people calling a lot of people a lot of things lately, and it’s frankly messed right up.
            I often feel like we are legitimately in the movie “idiocracy”!

          • Reels Rihard

            Leftists and true liberals are not the same as you’ve pointed out.

          • killdozer

            Its not complex that these guys (together with Trump and his administration) are vile human beings and should be not associated with.

          • ummm…

            you are naive. the world is not full of good and evil. humans being individually are full of good and evil. if you think you can explain the world by putting people on either side of that, then you are going to struggle with life for a long time.

          • ummm…

            what exactly has trump and the individuals in his admin done? specific things from specific people plz.

          • Jim P

            Don’t forget also hung out with Al Sharpton ,Jesse Jackson and most of the left. He was only hated from the left when he left there plantation

      • ummm…

        what is alt right? what is regressive left? Supporting Trump was supporting hate?

        If you do your research and look at the facts you will find out that your enemies arent exactly your enemies and your friends aren’t exactly your friends. It is much more complicated when you allow nuance, grey area, and the terror of tying them to real principles that you stick by.

        Educate yourself. Become more sophisticated. The next time you want to make a critique dont’ have it be so empty and superficial. Alt-Right means nothing. Its a cluster of associations that some people don’t even consider themselves part of even if you do.

        • killdozer

          > Supporting Trump was supporting hate?


          • ummm…


          • Danilo

            If you need someone to explain how support Trump is the same as to support hate it means or you are dumb as fuck or you being previously trapped in a alien planet without any source of information. Guess what?

          • ummm…

            Danilo, no I ask because as adults who see themselves fit and educated enough to speak in the public forum they should be able to very simply say why trump “support” is equal to “hate”.

            You have no idea of my politic . Im not even on your map. I anger you because I wont join in the high school drama.

            There are real principles to liberal, conservative, socialist etc. theories of governance. There have to be or it is nothing more then a team name. With that being said, one core principle of the scientific method is the ability to test ones theory.

            By asking you to explain yourself I merely ask you to recount for us how you got to that conclusion Clearly, your antagonism to that is in inverse relation to your usefulness in this discussion.

      • Jim P

        Mark from Facebook is not a conservative?

        • Mike549

          He’s a capitalist but most mega corporations support the left now that the left believes in an endless supply of low wage workers

      • Jean-Sebastien Perron

        Go jerk to your mom soyboy.

      • Bundy

        They kicked him out of the company he started for his political beliefs. Even if you disagree with his politics, that’s was pretty shitty.

        • killdozer

          Facebook and oculus are selling things and its not nice that face of company is alt right troll, its bad for business. You can wear nazi uniform at home but keep your mouth shut, he couldn’t do that.

    • kool

      It wasnt smear it was a takeover. He should have seen it coming, they made movie about what kinda dude Zuckerman is…the money is a nice consolation tho

    • Eros

      He smeared himself by helping get a racist dictator into office.

      • For fucks sakes, the guy made some donations and helped fund a few fucking billboards that borrowed from shitpost memes to make a crook (Hillary) look like a crook. Good on him really.

      • Surykaty

        Get screwed Eros. Illegal immigrants are the biggest racists!

      • care package

        Accusers are usually the biggest offenders.

      • Roger Anthony Essig

        a wild leftist appears!

      • Jim P

        Your a special kinda snow

  • Behram Patel

    He can do better. Start a Fund to mentor XR creators. The XR Creators Fund ! Go Palmer

  • impurekind


  • Jim P

    I would like to see what he has been experimenting with.

  • I hope that he will contribute to the subreddit taking more part of the various discussions

  • Mike549

    I’m glad he’s back. The only bad part is all the pointing and sputtering “muh kkk nazi fascist” hysterical BS coming from the hivemind. The same people saying they’re leaving the subreddit are the same people who said they’d move to Canada when Trump was elected (it’s funny how they never threaten to move to Mexico or Haiti).

    • Bundy

      Nobody wants to go to the third world. But all they do is google what Edmonton (where I live) looks like in the winter and quickly lose all enthusiasm for moving. Plus, Canada isn’t a state, you can’t just pack up and move here. We have pretty high immigration standards. Just empty words.

  • This has NOTHING to do with “politics”.
    There’s this weird Silicon Valley phenomena.
    Whenever somebody comes up with something cool,
    the mouth-breathers descend on it like the locusts they are,
    and try and take that something away from the creator,
    saying stuff to the effect: “It’s not [ENTER NAME HERE] ‘s anymore.”
    This PRECISELY what happened with “Star Wars”, “Facebook” and
    now “Oculus”. At least Palmer got his payout first.

  • Jim P

    I think the real problem the snow can not deal because the guy who made VR consumer ready was a at least a libertarian with a hint of conservative. It’s ok down the road the left will turn it into there dream and turn it against the truth.