Paper Beast Is A Fascinating PSVR Game From The Maker Of Another World

by Jamie Feltham • April 10th, 2019

Today I Learned: Eric Chahi, the developer behind 1991 classic adventure title, Another World, is still making games. Not only that, but Chahi is actually making his first VR game, Paper Beast, and it looks fascinating.

Paper Beast looks both remarkably different and, in other ways, very similar to Another World, though. The game, developed by Chahi’s new studio, Pixel Reef, is set inside a world of big data. It imagines an age in which the internet has taken on its very own living, breathing ecosystem. Digital animals roam the wild, waiting for you to discover them.

“We wanted to reproduce the excitement you might feel as an explorer discovering a virgin land, a place where no human has been before,” Chahi writes over on the PlayStation Blog. “When you watch animals in nature, you feel something special about how they move and react. They exhibit an intense sense of vitality that makes exploring all the more enriching. You will interact with the creatures and will start to form delicate bonds with them.”

Paper Beast centers its gameplay and narrative around this ecosystem. Chahi says the game will react to your behaviors. The story will evolve without any dialogue.

Chahi also notes that the game has been in development for three years now. It’s due to arrive on PSVR later in 2019. It doesn’t look like PC VR or standalone versions are in development right now.

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