Peter Molyneux Worries VR is Being ‘Oversold to Consumers’ Before the Industry is Ready

by David Jagneaux • April 4th, 2017

Few video game industry icons are as well-known as Peter Molyneux. He’s the mind behind the entire “God game” genre for the most part, having released the very first Populous all the way back in 1989 for the Amiga. Since then he has gone on to work on other God game titles such as Black & White, as well as the popular roleplaying game (RPG) series, Fable. His innovative and ambitious ideas sound like a perfect fit for designing VR games, but it doesn’t seem like he is ready to take that plunge just yet.

In a recent interview with Glixel, Molyneux went on record with some updated thoughts on where VR is headed:

“I love virtual reality. I worry about it being oversold to consumers before we as an industry are ready. It’s something that desperately needs a couple of titles to define it. If I had a VR demo about two people having a conversation, I think that would be fascinating.”

That quick reference at the end there about conversations was made no doubt with his canceled Kinect program, Project Milo, in which users could realistically interact with a virtual boy. As A.I. and interaction technology continues to advance, the prospect of reviving Project Milo for VR or AR would be incredibly exciting. “Milo was an incredible piece of technology,” Molyneux elaborates in the same interview. “You could draw something on a piece of paper, and then Milo would look at it, recognize it, and show it back to you. It was magical. He could recognize numbers, and letters, and shapes.”

In the past, Molyneux has been critical of VR technology, stating he was more excited by the likes of Microsoft’s HoloLens than the headset prototypes he saw two years ago due to the exhaustive nature of most good VR applications.

As VR continues to grow and mature, many of the issues he had at first — like poor tracking and the absence of hands — are starting to disappear. Perhaps we could one day see Molyneux make a brand new, made-for-VR, God game? That would be a welcomed addition to the industry, especially since indie projects like Tethered have already shown that genre feels right at home inside VR devices.

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  • Comedykev

    Ahh, the bullshitter is worried about products being “Oversold to Consumers”, he should know a thing or two about that!!! Crawl back under your rock Mr Molyneux

    • koenshaku

      I think his rock was in fable and it get canned.

  • Walextheone

    Well the irony =)
    “Oversold” is usually Mr Molyneux own game, isn’t it hehe

    • VR Geek

      That was my thoughts exactly!

  • bschuler

    You should have played a trick on him and just gone into any VR chat app and have the person on the other end rename themselves MILO. I bet this guy would need new underwear at how brilliant the A.I. is.
    No disrespect for Populus, etc.. but he now sounds like my Grandpa when he’s talking about the internet.

  • Onyx Blue

    Amiga Rules! – shit hang on- I have landed in 2017. Quick, someone send me back..

  • Onyx Blue

    The article is very old Upload. Sure, would welcome a Black & White VR – seems about as perfect a fit you could get- but do not agree that VR is being oversold.

  • RationalThought

    Someone…..slap this man.

  • impurekind

    VR is the future, and I think it’s being pushed just as hard as it needs to at a great time to do so. The technology is ready. Yes, it’s not perfect, but it’s ready to start getting it out there.

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    as if Molyneux did not oversold Milo….. shame on you man!!

  • Roman

    Dear Mr. Molyneux don’t you think Populous isn’t a great game for VR? Think about the possibilities you can act like a god in the Game. Build, control and punish your own World or declare war the other online VR Players.
    The god system with the abilities should surely bigger as the original, maybe connected with a skill system where you’ve to choose your own way as lightning, fire, water and poison and so on

    I think you should start to programm as soon as possible! Or other ppl will do a similar game and own millions :))

  • Sergio Hickey

    Kind of silly. If you want the industry to be ripe for VR… ever… then you have to oversell it. We wouldn’t have 1080p streaming services if TV companies hadn’t oversold HD TVs despite there being like zero content in the earlier days.

  • Wyrd

    I feel like he stopped be relevant when he stopped being able to deliver, years ago.

  • HarleyNightster

    I disagree, the Oculus with touch is absolutely incredible, with a lot of games and experiences available. To think that this is still in an early tech is mind blowing. I was scared I would regret my purchase but I am very happy and will be buying V2 on launch day when it comes out.

  • Dave Smith

    The whole IOT is currently oversold. How can anyone think VR is on its own here. It makes you feel ill. What more is their to say.