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Pimax Moved Its US-Based Customer Support Back To China

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  1. Heaney says:

    Hi, I was going to DM you but your Twitter DMs are not open unfortunately.

    1. Sebastian Ang says:

      Following you now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Rick says:

    Where are the Pimax 8kx impressions from CES 2020? You post this negative article before even telling us how the new headsets are?

    1. Heaney says:

      We post the VR news, whether it’s negative or positive! ๐Ÿ™‚

      We have impressions of the Artisan coming later this week, AFAIK.

      1. Rick says:

        Impressions of the Artisan and not the 8kx? Cmon.

      2. SendsV8 says:

        Did Pimax adopt you when you were a baby or something?

        1. Arguments please, this is not an argument

          If you don’t agree, just correct me where I’m wrong. You don’t need personal attacks

          1. SendsV8 says:

            Not a personal attack, don’t be a snowflake. Just wondering when you put on the Pimax fanboy blinders, or if you have a personal stake in not allowing any criticism about your decision to buy into this company’s vision, despite it’s customer support failures.

          2. Criticism is absolutely welcome. Criticising Pimax is what Pimax customers does every day, but many of us have noticed that UploadVR only covers negativity and never publishes the positive news. It’s so obvious…

        2. Dixxar says:

          They been adopted here by facebook but this is not the case for everyone, thats it.

      3. Mike Porter says:

        To be fair winning an award does not automatically make anything good.

        1. To be fair, that is not the point. A CES award is a news? I think so. What if Quest had won the award for the Link cable? How many trumpets would UploadVR play to celebrate?

          The prize, however, was won because the product made a really positive impression. To everyone but UploadVR

    2. cartweet says:

      They briefly discussed the 8kx in their podcast. Don’t hold your breath…glitches and issues from pimax as usual.

      1. Rick says:

        8kx won Digital Tech Trends best of show award, which is why I’m eager to hear Upload VR’s impressions

        1. cartweet says:

          Watch the video and you’ll hear their impressions. I assume any forthcoming article will essentially reflect what they said about it in the video.

  3. REP says:

    Don’t give a shit what UploadVR think about Pimax 8KX. I have heard enough, seen enough testimonies to say confidently that his headset is the absolute BEST headset in the whole entire world destroying all other headsets out there, that include Rift, Vive Pro, Valve Index, Quest!! Can’t wait. RTX 3000 series, please come out fast.

  4. James Cobalt says:

    Annnnnd suddenly deciding not to go through with that 8K X purchase. :-/
    Some have suggested they are facing financial difficulties and this further supports that narrative. Either way, the way senior leadership in China has run this company is bonkers. Investors should demand more experienced management.

  5. Rick says:

    listen to their VR Roundup from CES Martin. They dismissed Pimax from the beginning. They said that they demoed a faulty headset at CES that was flickering in the right eye (The one that was dropped my someone) He said it flickered within 5 minutes, but gave no impressions as to how it actually was in those 5 minutes.He then said you invited him to try the 8kx on the Flight Simulator (the one that everyone at the show was wow’ed with) and he refused because he had somewhere else to be. And thats it, they moved right on without giving any actual impressions of the headset, other than to say he noticed some distortion on the edges playing Boneworks I believe.

  6. sjefdeklerk says:

    You do realize you 100% make uploadVR’s point? How can they take Pimax as a company seriously when you post things like the above? Come on Swe, cool down next time before posting something when representing Pimax

      1. sjefdeklerk says:

        “As the European Marketing Director of Pimax I must say this article is plain bullsh*t” ??? Who says things like that? I mean somebody past 10 years would realize that’s not how a spokesperson of a serious company acts. He not only makes himself look stupid, but he makes Pimax looks extremely unprofessional. Pretty much UploadVR’s point.

        Pimax should hire somebody who can keep his cool and actually has studied PR, You know, a professional. Sweviver should stick to being a security guard, where he can unleash his anger on people trespassing the property ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Times change, if you hire a youtuber you should expect youtuber’s style. We all know Martin here and that’s why he was chosen. It would be pathetic if he stopped being himself now. Oculus was founded by a guy in a Hawaiian shirt and sandals… Times change.

          1. sjefdeklerk says:

            Didn’t Oculus sack that guy? But you’re right, a youtuber is a youtuber. As a company Pimax should ask themselves: is that who we want to represent us in public? Or do we want somebody who actually has studied and trained for the job and acts as a professional? I mean, we clearly see the result above. Sweviver made UploadVR’s point: Right now Pimax is just not to be taken seriously as a company

          2. Yes, I think you’re right, Oculus fired Palmer because of his Awayan shirts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            As I said, times change, influencers today are more important than businessmen. Pimax is a small company, created by enthusiastic VR engineers, should make good products and should offer good customer service, but shouldn’t pretend to be Facebook or Samsung. It’s not.

            Martin was hired because many people interested in VR loved his job, that’s why. You should give people what they ask for, not what you think they should ask for.

  7. sjefdeklerk says:

    You do realize you 100% make uploadVR’s point? How can they take Pimax as a company seriously when you post things like the above? Come on Swe, cool down next time before posting something when representing Pimax