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Pimax Moved Its US-Based Customer Support Back To China

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  1. Rick says:

    Where are the Pimax 8kx impressions from CES 2020? You post this negative article before even telling us how the new headsets are?

    1. Heaney says:

      We post the VR news, whether it’s negative or positive! đŸ™‚

      We have impressions of the Artisan coming later this week, AFAIK.

      1. Rick says:

        Impressions of the Artisan and not the 8kx? Cmon.

    2. cartweet says:

      They briefly discussed the 8kx in their podcast. Don’t hold your breath…glitches and issues from pimax as usual.

      1. Rick says:

        8kx won Digital Tech Trends best of show award, which is why I’m eager to hear Upload VR’s impressions

        1. cartweet says:

          Watch the video and you’ll hear their impressions. I assume any forthcoming article will essentially reflect what they said about it in the video.

  2. REP says:

    Don’t give a shit what UploadVR think about Pimax 8KX. I have heard enough, seen enough testimonies to say confidently that his headset is the absolute BEST headset in the whole entire world destroying all other headsets out there, that include Rift, Vive Pro, Valve Index, Quest!! Can’t wait. RTX 3000 series, please come out fast.

  3. James Cobalt says:

    Annnnnd suddenly deciding not to go through with that 8K X purchase. :-/
    Some have suggested they are facing financial difficulties and this further supports that narrative. Either way, the way senior leadership in China has run this company is bonkers. Investors should demand more experienced management.