Pimax Showcases Project Cars 2, Arizona Sunshine And Elite Dangerous In Its 8K Headset

by Jamie Feltham • October 18th, 2017

Pimax’s Kickstarter campaign for its 8K VR headset is still going strong with just over two weeks to go, and the company is now teasing what to expect from its impending release.

The company yesterday posted three videos online showcasing three of the most popular games in VR right now running inside the high-resolution headset. The first is Arizona Sunshine, Vertigo Games’ intense zombie shooter that won UploadVR’s 2016 Game of the Year. Pimax tries to showcase a little look at how clear the experience appears inside the headset, as well as demonstrate the kit’s positional tracking.

Next up is Project Cars 2, the racing simulation from Slighty Mad Studios. Again, we get a tour of a cars’ cockpit in VR and a look at the tracking.

Finally, we have a VR OG – Elite: Dangerous. Frontier has supported VR since the Rift DK1 days and now you can see it running in the 8K headset.

Okay, so none of these videos do an even remotely acceptable job of showcasing what the full experience will really be like, but it is at least reassuring to see some of VR’s top games running inside the headset. At the time of writing Pimax has reached over nine times its initial $200,000 goal and could well breach the $2 million mark before the campaign ends on November 3rd. The campaign has already unlocked several stretch goals such as a head strap with integrated audio, and at the next milestone will release a wireless transmission option.

Pimax is looking to first the first units for both its 8K and 5K headsets early next year.

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  • CQCoder

    I dunno…Hardware like this on Kickstarter does not have a good track record (Lily drone comes to mind…promised the sky..crashed to the ground). If 8K were that easy to get right, I just don’t see the big guys going ‘nah, we’ll pass’. I’m happy to be wrong…but I think I’ll just sit back and watch.

    • But pimax isn’t a company in the garage, but the seller of 30.000 units of Pimax 4K worldwide, and still demoing a real product until kickstarter ends. I’m generally keeping away from kickstarter, but Pimax is another story, and I backed my own Pimax 8K

      • CQCoder

        Very valid point.

      • HybridEnergy

        Even if you have faith in the product, there is no down side to waiting for reviews instead of throwing money at the company just because. It’s not like you can’t get one later if it’s a viable product. It’s the entire “pre-order” argument again I guess. I want to see youtubers using this thing viably on current-gen hardware in the games listed above. More importantly , I want someone who has worn this thing for an extended period of time.

        • The only reason I have baked the kickstarter is that I have the chance to receive it by February, otherwise it will not be in stores until June 2018.I can’t wait to get rid of the screendoor.

          I mention tthat on kickstarter is cheaper and there are stretch goal gifts

          • merri

            Even more than the SDE, I want a wider FOV. I can deal with the SDE, but the FOV would do so much more for immersion and presence. Obviously though, improving both are ideal. In fact, narrow FOV and low resolution seem to be pretty much the only two factors holding VR back, at least given current technology. The last hurdle in super-presence in VR would be vestibular and haptic feedback.

          • HybridEnergy

            I don’t think anything tech wise is holding VR back considering everyone I demo my set to is impressed and loves it. The issue is only that people either A.) haven’t tried it , B.) Can’t afford it, or both in most cases. It’s the marketing and costs holding VR back. Still , while I also would like a higher FOV , I think 200 is obnoxious and a waste of pixel density.

          • merri

            200 isn’t obnoxious. Obnoxious would be the application of anything that would amount to an FOV that is wider than any average person could possibly see themselves.

          • HybridEnergy

            It’s obnoxious in the sense for current VR standards, a waste of pixels in areas your eyes aren’t really going to be darting over to.

          • Thoemse

            Do you even own a rift or vive? SDE, resolution and FOV are where they lack the most. It’s like playing with a scuba diving mask on your face. It’s not obnoxious, it is mandatory if VR wants to get mainstream.
            If you want to feel like you are there it must have a FOV close to the homan perception. Simple as that.

          • HybridEnergy

            I own both and in-fact I wear glasses too so I had to push the lenses back on the VIVE 3 clicks. Resolution and FOV are a trade off, the higher the FOV, the higher the resolution you need to get the same effect. 200% is obnoxious for today’s standards imo, I’m not saying I wouldn’t LIKE a higher FOV also… I’m just saying that 200% with out eye-tracking foveated rendering is not a quality trade off. I’m on a 1080 ti and already with this res and FOV I feel like I own a potato machine.

          • Thoemse

            The 200 FOV has the same pixel clarity as the Pimax 4K. The Pimax 4k is not a great HMD right now because of the lack of positional tracking and a refresh rate of 60hz. It is however the HMD with the clearest most readable picture on the market.
            Basically we get the clearest display combined with 200 degrees of FOV. What is not to like? Yes it would be even crisper if they’d reduce the FOV. That is true. I’d rather have what they are offering though. I own a titan X pascal that runs at 2 Ghz. Basically the same as your 108ßTI. I run supersampling levels that are much more taxing thean the resolution the Pimax (k will demand. It does not run like a potato machine at all either. It’s solid 90 FPS. If you have trouble with getting steady 90FPS with a 1080TI something is wrong with your setup/drivers. Simple as that.

            If you want an even crisper display and less FOV I am sure there will be a headset delivering soon enough. The rift and the Vive are about the be last gen. New tech will be available soon enough and I am not talking about the mixed reality headsets. They seem somewhat half-arsed and too expensive for what is on offer.

          • victor

            I agree with everything you said!

          • HybridEnergy

            There is nothing wrong with my set-up, give me a break. I’m hitting 2050mhz on the clock normally. Depending on game. My card or your card is brought to it’s knees with a 1.6-1.8 SS (old steam) with max settings. Forget something like Raw Data, max settings 1.2 SS max don’t even lie. Those laser on that one level are going to make you dump below 90s fps mad.

          • victor

            That is your opinion! I have the rift and for me the unnatural FOV is the biggest lacking feature, even more than sde/res.
            I am so sick of tunnel vision! My GF also not impressed with low FOV of rift!

          • HybridEnergy

            That’s fair enough, I’m personally weary when they try to entice with early releases.

    • RK

      Remember the Oculus killer that was AntVR? This is no AntVR, thankfully, but I’m holding off until consumers get their hands on it. I really hope it pans out because the FOV and higher pixel density would be great!

    • merri

      If 8K were that easy to get right? What? I don’t even think that should be the concern. Just upping the resolution is relatively easy. Cost is probably the single most important aspect in this regard. It’s the FOV that’s much more difficult to nail down. The big guys aren’t doing extremely high resolutions because they are trying to sell to a consumer market; a mainstream market, not a niche one.

      The big guys are trying to keep a consistent, affordable and accessible product, so we don’t see them pushing boundaries with their consumer products. Their in-house prototypes (mostly going to remain secret due to they being owned by larger, more commercial companies nowadays) are probably very similar to what Pimax is doing here etc.

      The big guys can do higher resolutions easily, they just weigh the pros and cons of different screen technologies etc. For example, Oculus and Vive are both using the same/very similar displays, but Sony is using a different kind of display. Between the three (more like two) choices, there are positives and negatives for each and by comparison. If Oculus or HTC were to suddenly put out an 8K device, there’s a good chance the biggest con would be cost being prohibitive to the consumer market. Then, there’s the wide FOV which, if not perfected, might be too inconsistent or uncomfortable for primetime.

      HTC/Valve, Oculus, and Sony are marketing consumer devices. They are no longer putting out dev kits per se, but Pimax is not quite on top of that consumer market yet. That’s the difference between this and “the big guys,” and not that 8K is especially difficult.

  • Thoemse

    @CQCoder: You mean like the Oculus Rift?

    • CQCoder

      Pretty sure I can ramble off a LOT more losers than winners if I wanted to take the time to research it. Surely you aren’t offering that as a counter to my statement of ‘not a good track record’….

      • Thoemse

        Of course you will find a lot of project that went down badly. I just wanted to remind you that the Oculus Rift and VR in general would be nowhere without Kickstarter.
        Noone forces you to back Pimax. It is a gamble. I weighed the risk with the chances and checked out what the company delivered so far (Pimax 4k). That was enough for me to take the risk. I wont be here whining if the 8K sucks though. I’ll suck it up and accept that my gamble failed.

        • HybridEnergy

          If you know the risks go for it, the rest of us will be eager to hear your opinion on it when you get it 🙂 . I was disappointed with the Pimax 4k, the LCD colors and ghosting made me sell it off quick, it also made the ridge of my nose uncomfortable.

    • HybridEnergy

      To be honest, the first RIFT with no touch controllers put me off from VR. It wasn’t till room scale and the VIVE that I even started to care. I now have both but I think that’s how important room scale is.

      • Thoemse

        I agree that roomscale was a huge step for VR. I did however have a DK2 from the start and it was oculus who introduced me to the wonders of VR. Roomscale is great but for cockpit games the rift was and still is a great device wven without touch.

        • HybridEnergy

          Oh no doubt, I am a fan of cockpit experiences as well. I Have a steering wheel and flight stick, for sitting I tend to use my RIFT as it’s lighter and I have the first 1.0 heavier VIVE. I love VR, I’m just sharing my experience that with out room scale, I’m not sure I would have invested in it even with my interest for it…yet I had to try it first too. Sucks that VR has this marketing hurdle.

      • merri

        Completely independent of roomscale, the first Rift kit would put a lot of people off. Any consumer headset of today, without regard to roomscale, would offer a completely different experience. It was the high persistence and ghosting, and low frame rate on the display that really made the DK1 feel like shit compared to today, as well as poor contrast ratio etc.

      • Mane Vr

        to each his own I almost not got into vr after trying the vive cause I hated room scale

        • HybridEnergy

          You’re the first person I have ever met with this opinion. So what do you do ? Just sit playing flying and racing games? I found that something like a shooter, with out the ability to physically hold the guns you might as well play it on a flat screen and enjoy the full potential of the GPU and modern GFX.

          • Candy Cab

            Interesting, most of the people I know have no desire to play the majority of games that actually use room scale to any large degree. It comes off as a gimmick that is more work than its worth and for the most part I don’t disagree but, for myself at least its more dependent on the game itself and the experience it is trying to convey to the player. I much prefer mostly stationary games with the ability of using a gamepad instead of fumbling with two handheld controllers as the immersion that comes from the HMD itself is more than enough. I think gaming for most people is all about relaxing on the couch and VR is that 20 minute theme park sort of occasional fun. Without a peripheral that feels like an actual gun (Like the old Guncon) I find gun games mostly unappealing.

          • Mane Vr

            I play mostly shooters rarely sims whether flight or driving they jist not my thing.. i love the feel of sitting while gaming and find it dumb that just cause i don’t enjoy roomscale and 360 standing play people say that i should stay to flat screens.. there are things being in vr allows me to do that play on a flat screen does not. But that doesn’t mean I want to be physical moving around and i don’t have to now that most games offer full locomotion with smooth rotation

  • Gonzalo Novoa

    The prototype looks like a medieval helmet right now XD but those videos are quite impressive, no real gameplay where you can see the game in motion but resolution looks really great and you can easily read all the text. I’d like to see a video showing how the field of view looks. I’m quite skeptical about this but it might be a nice surprise.

    • D3stroyah

      well people who tried it are very impressed so far.

    • Sofian

      Not sure how you would capture that on camera, We ll have to rely on the people testing it.

  • Wrinkly

    That only showed that the games would run. Project Cars for exemple didn’t even get into a race. Why wasn’t a FPS counter included? Show me a Space station with ships flying around in Elite. Show me a hectic battle in Robo Recall. This was just pitiful as an example of what it can do.

  • FedUp1968

    If PIMAX already has a 8K prototype why don’t Oculus, Vive, or PSVR? I would think they would have gotten their hands on some of that tech by now and started their own.

    • ReddChief78

      Cost of course, this thing isn’t gonna be cheap & the Oculus & Vive was way over priced & no way Sony gonna try & sell a 8K headset which is over kill, how about getting what we have now at it’s best first.

      PC is open & anybody can make anything & try to sell it that’s why it has alot of BS for it, PSVR is leading the way & in the better way VR should go & affordable way & that’s why PSVR is alive & well & PCVR isn’t.

    • Rook

      the fact that the Pimax company is in Asia. I read a story that said they are a conglomerate of tech enthusiasts that source the best hardware out of the region. They have close proximity to access and the language to source it. Thats why we see that oculus are lagging behind in steps.

  • daveinpublic

    I think the major problem that most people have with these kind of headsets, is that the screens don’t overlap in your vision. Which makes most of the screens 2D. And seems to be very distracting and breaks immersion. We need more info on how these 2 screens overlap.

  • MaeseDude

    Is the gaming hardware even remotely there to feed an 8k display? I mean, 8k gaming on a normal PC is also still a challenge and requires expensive hardware. And even then many games will struggle to keep up a steady framerate, which is absolutely crucial for VR. Or am I misunderstanding this whole 8k claim somehow?