Pimax Showcases Project Cars 2, Arizona Sunshine And Elite Dangerous In Its 8K Headset

by Jamie Feltham • October 18th, 2017

Pimax’s Kickstarter campaign for its 8K VR headset is still going strong with just over two weeks to go, and the company is now teasing what to expect from its impending release.

The company yesterday posted three videos online showcasing three of the most popular games in VR right now running inside the high-resolution headset. The first is Arizona Sunshine, Vertigo Games’ intense zombie shooter that won UploadVR’s 2016 Game of the Year. Pimax tries to showcase a little look at how clear the experience appears inside the headset, as well as demonstrate the kit’s positional tracking.

Next up is Project Cars 2, the racing simulation from Slighty Mad Studios. Again, we get a tour of a cars’ cockpit in VR and a look at the tracking.

Finally, we have a VR OG – Elite: Dangerous. Frontier has supported VR since the Rift DK1 days and now you can see it running in the 8K headset.

Okay, so none of these videos do an even remotely acceptable job of showcasing what the full experience will really be like, but it is at least reassuring to see some of VR’s top games running inside the headset. At the time of writing Pimax has reached over nine times its initial $200,000 goal and could well breach the $2 million mark before the campaign ends on November 3rd. The campaign has already unlocked several stretch goals such as a head strap with integrated audio, and at the next milestone will release a wireless transmission option.

Pimax is looking to first the first units for both its 8K and 5K headsets early next year.

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