Pimax’s 8K VR Headset Delayed, CES Plans Revealed

by Jamie Feltham • January 4th, 2018

Pimax’s anticipated 8K VR headset will not be shipping to Kickstarter backers this month or next.

The device, which raised over $4 million in crowd-funding last year, was originally estimated by the company to start shipping in December, with a basic package consisting of just the headset arriving for backers in January and the full packages including two controllers and two base stations landing in February. With no news on delivery in December, however, backers were worried they wouldn’t get their units in this initial window.

That appears to be the case; in a thread on the Pimax forums detailing the company’s plans for CES next week a member of the team confirmed that the ‘current ETA’ for the headset was Q2 2018. “We prefer to make it right, so won’t rush,” the company said. The estimated May 2018 delivery of the 8K X unit, which is designed for next-generation GPUs, will also be updated in the future.

Q2 appears to be the estimation for only the first batch of units right now. Pimax also plans to “ship a very small batch to the leaders in Pimax community and volunteers before shipping larger volume.”

It’s far from uncommon for Kickstarter projects to miss their estimated delivery goals by a few months, so this doesn’t necessarily mean backers should be worried, frustraiting as it may be. At CES, Pimax plans to showcase the latest prototype for the 8K VR headset with its tracking sensors now hidden, better IPD adjustment and better heat dissipation among other improvements. Tellingly, the team states it’s still looking into reaching a 85/90Hz refresh rate for the headset, which won’t be finalized until March at the earliest.

Pimax’s headset is promising a lot right now; the headset achieves 8K resolution using two 4K displays and the company claims it will ship with full support for SteamVR. Will it live up to people’s expectations?

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  • Konchu

    Not surprised in the least but still sad as I am anxious to play. The longer time goes by and the more options come available the more potential to regret my purchase increases. But to be fair better a good project late than a shitty one on time.

  • Darren Burns

    The third time i used kick starter and the 3rd time i got a delay. As long as the product meets expectations then i don’t mind. Sweviver posted a thumbs up after trying the prototype so i assume it will be a good product when finished.

  • Robert1592

    Surely they must have known there was no way in hell they were going to deliver in Dec/Jan so why make such a bold delivery statement during the kickstarter. Unless lying to investors is second nature to them.

  • koenshaku

    From December to may is what heck of a delay. That seems about the sweet spot for next generation VR HMDs from the likes of LG and HTC not to mention 8k streaming wireless isn’t going to happen anytime soon, which could end up in next gen solutions early next year also. >_>

  • JeffG

    …or ever!


  • umut

    I got my lesson about Kickstarter. I will never ever use the platform again.