E3 2019: Pistol Whip Is A Beat Saber/Superhot-Inspired VR Shooter From Cloudhead Games

by Jamie Feltham • June 10th, 2019

Keanu Reeves may be coming to Cyberpunk 2077 but there’s only one game at E3 this year that will make you actually feel like John Wick. That game is Pistol Whip from Cloudhead Games.

Pistol Whip closed out our first ever E3 VR Showcase today. For Cloudhead, a team best known for its (excellent) episodic VR adventure series, The Gallery, this is something very different. Inspired by the likes of Beat Saber and Superhot, this is a vibrant, neon-lit first-person shooter. In it, players stream down a straight path, gunning down any enemies that get in their way.

Cloudhead describes it as a ‘music rhythm FPS’. “It’s a shooter that you don’t necessarily have to be dead accurate for to be able to hit,” Cameron Oltmann, programming and design lead, says in our showcase. “And it’s a rhythm game that doesn’t require you to take out enemies in a specific order.”

The focus, then, is all on feeling. Pistol Whip wants to empower players, to give them the invincible feeling of shooting their way through a movie set and looking like a badass while you’re at it.¬†For the music, Cloudhead has partnered with a Canadian label named Kannibalen. The game will utilize the label’s library to fuel the frantic, fun gameplay.

Pistol Whip is due for release on all major VR headsets later this year. Cloudhead isn’t giving specifics beyond that right now. As for our E3 VR Showcase? It just wrapped up, but you’ll be able to watch the entire thing from start to finish right here.

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