Pixar’s First VR Experience Is A Social Trip To The Afterlife From Coco

by Ian Hamilton • November 15th, 2017

Coco VR is now available on Rift and you can visit the afterlife from Pixar’s latest film on Nov. 22 with Gear VR.

The social experience allows up to four people to party up with Rifts (or two people with Gear VR) and journey through the Land of the Dead modeling outfits, performing and decorating your skull. The virtual world is the latest in an ongoing collaboration between Disney and Facebook’s Oculus, which partners up with various developers to deliver high-quality promotional VR experiences for major movies. A previous team-up between Disney and Oculus produced a dress rehearsal for one of Beauty and The Beast’s most memorable songs. This latest creation is from LA-based studio Magnopus, which previously built the impressive Blade Runner: Memory Lab to promote Blade Runner 2049 in partnership with Oculus.

“The social, collaborative, social fun play was huge for us,” said Colum Slevin, Head of Experiences at Oculus. “It’s the first social experience my team has been involved in.”

This Coco VR experience is even coming to Rifts installed in select Disney stores and movie theaters ahead of the film’s release on Nov. 22, providing a new way for people to be introduced to both the film and VR headsets. According to Oculus, they will be holding firm to the 13 and over age guidance for wearing a VR headset, but kids can see what their parents are looking at on a nearby screen.

Representatives from Oculus and Pixar said there shouldn’t be any spoilers in the experience and that it could be good to view both before or after seeing the movie.

“The idea is to generate interest in the world and the film and see how inventive and magnificent that world is,” said Marc Sondheimer, Academy Award winning producer at Pixar.

Coco VR also includes unreleased footage, concept art and storyboards from the film. Disney also offers a Disney Movies VR app available on Steam but Coco VR is said to be available as a timed exclusive tied to Oculus marketplaces.

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