Pixvana Announces Two New Products For Online VR Content Sharing

by Joe Durbin • September 29th, 2016

Pixvana, is announcing  new tools and features to enable the simple distribution of VR content online.

Pixvana is “a Seattle software startup building a video creation and delivery platform for the emerging mediums of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR).”

The company launched in 2015 with $6 million in funding led by Madrona Venture Group. The startup has been in stealth mode since then until now. Today, Pixvana is releasing its first two commercial products.

The first of these products is being called Pixvana SPIN. With SPIN, users can distribute high quality 360 content to a myriad of different VR headsets with the help of a single cloud based publishing platform.

According to Pixvana, SPIN works in three basic steps:

Upload: Store your VR content in the cloud quickly and safely. Whether you have 2K media from a Ricoh Theta, 6K from a GoPro Omni or 10K media from a custom VR rig, the SPIN’s integrated uploader preps your VR media for distribution with a simple drag and drop.

Manage: SPIN Publisher is your mission control for organizing VR experiences. The streamlined interface lets you tag and sort media into channels, making it easy to group a few clips or program a whole film festival – encode and stream without complicated controls.

Play: SPIN Player gives your viewers a customized video experience, across all VR headsets. Log in and SPIN Player is customized for your audience. With Kiosk Mode, you can lock down content for stores, film festivals, museums, and more: no IT support required.

To further power-up your VR creations, Pixvana is also announcing Field Of View Adaptive Streaming technology (FOVAS). FOVAS, “tracks your motion to deliver crystal clear pixels wherever you look. FOVAS can deliver ultra-high (up to 50 megapixel) resolution within eyeshot.”

Forest Key Co-Founder and CEO of Pixvana described the benefits of these products in an official statement:

“We call it ‘virtual reality,’ but often low resolution and harsh compression makes the
video look so bad that it distracts the viewer from true immersion. Using FOVAS is like swapping your old standard definition set for a 4K TV. The goal is to deliver the ‘wow’ sense of presence to consumers that is the hallmark of VR.”
Interested content creators can visit the Pixvana website to sign up for the SPIN Player technical preview on Steam and to be notified about the beta for the Pixvana SPIN Publisher.

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