Play Quake II In Room-Scale VR On Your Rift Or Vive

by Ryan Winterhalter • September 12th, 2017

Just in time for its 20th anniversary comes a virtual reality mod for Quake II. Actually, the mod saw its last update this May, but Martin Lammi drew our attention with his video tour of the legendary shooter, which you’ll find embedded below. Created by software engineer Luke Groeninger, and supported by Malcolm Smith, Quake II VR is designed for the Oculus Rift, but Vive owners can get in on the action with Revive. Based on the KMQuake II source port, the mod borrows from RiftQuake, a VR mod for the original game.

Configuring the mod takes a few minutes and a bit of reading, but Lammi’s video offers step-by-step instructions for Vive owners, and Rift users can find instructions here.

Once in-game, players Quake II supports all the control configurations you’d expect from a VR title in 2017:

  •  Seated or standing.
  •  180- or 360-degree view.
  •  Comfort turning on/off.
  •  Aiming can be tied to head tracking, mouse look, gamepad, or point-and-shoot with the Vive or Oculus Touch controllers.
  • Auto-crouch uses head position to determine if the player character is crouching or standing

While we’re partial to Quake II’s chunky style, players have the choice of enabling supersampling to give the two-decades old game a sharper look. Players also have the option of downloading an HD texture pack, which might not be a bad idea given the original artwork was designed for 13-inch CRT monitors, viewed from a few feet away, at 640×480. The game might need a few texture improvements if you’re going to be looking at it through a hi-res VR display set inches from your eyes.

Quake II VR requires a copy of the original game. If id’s classic hasn’t found its way into your Steam library over the past 20 years, you can find it here for $4.99. Another option is to use the free, shareware version instead.

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  • johngrimoldy

    This is great and I’ll certainly be playing, if not for the nostalgia aspect. Many hours were spent playing Quake back in the day. Has it really been 20 years? Sadly, games like HalfLife, Dishonored, and Alien Isolation have spoiled me with their engaging storylines. Yeah, Quake was groundbreaking fun though.

    • NooYawker

      I loved quake so much when it came out.. I remember hearing flies buzzing in my headphones. It was revolutionary for the time.. and yes it’s been 20 years.. we are that old 😀
      Definitely trying this tonight.

  • johann jensson

    More and more from the old (proper) games get “ported” to VR – something that i expected to happen in the first couple of months after April 2016. But, finally: HL, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Doom 4, now Q2 – slowly but surely we’re getting there.The old school games are the only ones i’m interested in ATM for VR, the new stuff is gimicky and boring (and too short).

    • Tyler Soward

      I’m really surprised more companies aren’t going back and updating their catalogs with VR support. It is a great way to breath life into great games, and by adding official support companies can recapitalize on their initial investments (see the Serious Sam franchise). Croteam has the right idea in my opinion. A lot of gamers who are taking their first steps into VR (and PC gaming) haven’t even had a chance to play these old IPs, so in addition to jump starting their back catalog sales they would also be contributing to the VR ecosystem as a whole. Win/Win/Win

      • johann jensson

        Not to mention it’s way cheaper than developing a completely new game.

        • Tyler Soward


      • Raphael

        I think some devs are waking up to this idea. It’s great to breath new life into their games too and puts them in good stead for the future.

        • Tyler Soward

          The more the better I say. I played Quake 2 on my Rift last night for hours, was pretty awesome! Didn’t get it working on the Vive very well like I was hoping though. Got it running but the menu was so small that I couldn’t change any options or make out what I was doing enough to even get the game started. May give it another go this evening

          • Raphael

            I don’t want to install octopus drivers again really. Can’t be bothered so I will see if the developer realises Vive is a thing and adds support over the next few years.

  • Thanks guys, much appreciated! The VR mod also looks much better when adding HD textures, I’m working on a video for tomorrow comparing the default Quake 2 VR experience vs using HD textures and weapon enhancement.

  • Gregory Martin

    Does anyone know off hand if this supports multiplayer?

    • Gregory Martin

      Nevermind, I just read the project release page. It will allow everything.

  • WOW!!