PlayStation’s New Gold Headset Is Designed To Fit PSVR

by Jamie Feltham • February 6th, 2018

Sony is releasing a redesigned version of its Gold Wireless Headset for PlayStation 4, and it finally works with the company’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) device.

The headset was announced yesterday and will replace the old model. While it can wirelessly connect to your console, an optional 3.5mm audio cable also links it to PSVR. Better yet, the shape and form of kit has been redesigned to better accommodate the VR device, which can get in the way of normal earphones thanks to the ring that rests around the top of the user’s head.

Elsewhere the Gold Headset features over-ear cushions, 7.1 virtual surround sound audio and noise-canceling hidden microphones for online chat. It’s set to go on sale in the US and Europe in the next few weeks for $99. There’s no mention yet on if the company might also redesign its Platinum headset, which features 50mm speaker drivers.

Audio is critical to providing immersion in VR, as games need convincing spatial audio to match their 3D visuals. PSVR does include its own earphones in the box (which handily fit inside the head ring in the newest version of the kit), as well as its own integrated microphone, though they’re not on par with earphones like these.

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  • drd7of14

    Note: Noise Cancelling and 7.1 Surround Sound is not enabled whilst using the Auxiliary port for PSVR, phones, or other devices. You can only take advantage of those features whilst using the wireless adapter.

    You cannot use 3D Sound for PSVR with wireless headsets, only while wired through the auxiliary port (forgoing the aforementioned 7.1/Noise Cancelling Features).

    Just important to realize. The sound quality of the regular Gold is still excellent regardless, so if the redesign fits more comfortably, then that is only a good thing.

    • Gary

      Excellent? Last time I had them was when I heard blood borne had custom audio hence I got one to give it a try. After trying I was so disappointed because the bass was complete rubbish, it had zero oomph and sounded super thin. 7.1 virtual surround is all marketing fluff for this headset, Audio quality was no different to my 50 dollar turtle beach. Made an excuse and returned them after one day. I recommend people just buy a set of nice cans for music or movies with a custom Bluetooth adapter instead. If u go on US amazon to read up on the reviews, the ones who mention the weak bass are the real reviews who knows what quality headphones are.

      • drd7of14

        Specifically referring to VR usage, as this is a VR focused site. For VR(PSVR in particular) the sound quality is excellent, though this newer version’s driver size is being updated over the original Gold model. The current better build is the Platinum, but they’re a little overpriced for what they offer (despite the improvement over the Gold). The main attractive feature for the Platinum is support for 3D Audio in both vertical and horizonal planes. That adds a lot to traditional video games, but not much noticeable difference of VR. It’s better, but again…Not for the $160 asking price. $120-$130 MSRP sounds more reasonable (imo).

        For the $100 asking price (often found at $70-80 nowadays) the Gold is an excellent deal for wireless headphones. No, it’s not the best for everything, but it is excellent for VR use (which currently requires use of the Auxiliary port for VR 3D Audio[Different from Traditional 3D Audio of the Platinum]).

        But yes, for $200+, I’m sure there are more excellent headphones in general, especially if a powerful Bass is what one is specifically interested in.

        • Bob Smith

          Thank you for posting this, I found it very helpful and informative. I was on the fence about getting the new model, as I’ve just been using the included psvr earbuds, but I’ve decided to spring for the new Gold headset with my birthday money after reading what you posted 🙂