MANDT VR Premieres 5 360-Degree Video Projects, Including One By Adam Carolla

by Ian Hamilton • September 19th, 2016

MANDT VR is looking to establish itself as the go-to studio in Los Angeles to produce 360-degree videos.


Neil Mandt

The company is led by Neil Mandt, who produced various kinds content over the last few decades. His background includes producing coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial and thousands of television episodes, including ESPN’s Jim Rome Is Burning, and co-producing the feature film Million Dollar Arm. The production facility he owns in Hollywood and the camera system they are developing will be used to film hundreds of 360-degree videos. The company is kicking things off with a PodcastOne partnership, producing videos for their network of more than 200 podcasts.

“You would struggle to list 10 companies that you could recommend to somebody [to produce 360-degree videos],” Mandt said. “[We can] scale from low end to high-end. We’re trying to position ourselves as the company to get [360 video production] done — and eventually to become the company that gets it done live.”

The idea is that between the camera system and 7,000 square foot studio in Hollywood, MANDT VR can help partners produce high-quality 360-degree videos in a short span of time, making it possible to efficiently produce serialized videos. The company says it already started filming 20 of these in August and they are premiering several of these productions today, including one by Adam Carolla.

Check them out below:

Adam Carolla

Description: “Join Adam Carolla as he announces PodcastOne and MANDT VR’s partnership to create virtual reality experiences for PodcastOne podcasts. The partnership will deliver over 200 original 360-video experiences and Adam Carolla’s show will be the first to deploy the technology.”

Single In The City 360°: Georgie & Dylan

Description: “Join Georgie as she searches for love in Los Angeles, the city of angels. Today, Georgie is heading to Barney’s Beanery in Santa Monica, CA to meet with Dylan. Will sparks fly? Or will it be check please?”

Don’t Eat This

Description: “BMX Legends Mike Escamilla and Zack Yankush team up to take on the worst of the World’s exotic cuisines.  This week Mike & Catfish attempt to keep down the asian delicacy, Balut.”

Last Man Standing

Description: “Last Man Standing puts viewers at ground zero of a zombie apocalypse. The series stars Phil Morris (known for his roles as superhero Martian Manhunter on Smallville and the voice of villain Vandal Savage in the animated Justice League: Doom) and includes special makeup FX by Todd Masters of Masters FX, John Wrightson, and Roland Blancaflor.. The series is a co-production between MANDT VR and Clever Fox.”

The Very Best 360° | Pokemon GO: Chaz vs. LACMA

Description: “Join Pokemon master Alex at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) as Chaz battles for control of the LACMA’s gym. It’s Jolteons versus Dragonite — can Chaz be The Very Best?”


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