‘Pool Nation VR’ Update Adds Ball Control, Skree Ball, and More

by David Jagneaux • July 29th, 2016

Continuing to make its case as one of the best multiplayer VR games on the market right now, Pool Nation VR recently received another update. The frequency and size of Pool Nation VR’s updates put the update schedules of other VR games to shame, which is even more impressive considering the fact that it’s not even in Early Access – it’s fully released. And these updates are free.

This time, the primary allure of the update is the new Skree Ball minigame, which seems like just a bizarre way of spelling Skee Ball. This is still an early version of the feature, labeled as a beta, but you can access it from the base game itself without enabling the beta branch. Check out the tiny GIF below to see how well the physics operate.

skree ball pool nation throw

According to a press release, the update contains four key new features, including Skree Ball:

  • Pro-Pool: This core customization lets users now modify the ball spin (top, back and side to off, low & full) as well as adjust their backhand on the cue.
  • Table Shield: An anti-grief table shield used during multiplayer matches so that opponents can not disturb the table with bar objects while you are taking your turnl.That’s dirty pool!!
  • Air Hockey AI: The recent Air Hockey update now includes an AI opponent so it can be played in single player mode.
  • Skree Ball: Come test out a beta of a new mini-game called Skree Ball. (a fresh take on the classic Skee ball).

Pool Nation VR’s previous update earlier this month added a whole other mini game as well in Air Hockey, as well as additional Dart game modes and features. As long as the teams at Cherry Pop and Perilous Orbit continue to deliver big updates and feature patches like this, they should have no problem continuing to appease the fickle gaming community.

Pool Nation VR is currently 20% Off on Steam for the VR Weekend Sale and is included in the 20-game VR Weekend Sale Bundle.

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