Pornhub Gets Half A Million VR Views A Day

by Jamie Feltham • May 12th, 2017

We’ve all heard it said; porn will help the VR industry succeed, much like it did VHS and the internet itself. It’s a point people have made ad nauseum at this point, but now leading site Pornhub has revealed some stats to back it up.

The site’s new infographics confirm that it gets around a massive 500,000 daily views of its 360 videos, which you can watch with mobile VR headsets like Google Cardboard. Not surprisingly (though somewhat disturbingly), those views surpassed 900,000 on Christmas day.

Pornhub Stats 1 Pornhub Stats 2

Popular search terms were also revealed and they’re largely very general for now. The top six search terms including VR (the most popular), 360 VR, 360 Degree, Virtual Reality, 3D VR, and 360 Cam. Then it gets into a little more specific territory. Just check the graph.

Pornhub Stats 4

Pornhub’s results also show that men are 160% more likely to watch VR videos over women, and that most people that watch VR content are between 25 to 34 (47% of viewers, to be precise). Thailand is the most popular country for VR content. In fact, the USA doesn’t even rank on the list of 21 countries that watch these videos the most.

None of these results are all that surprising, really, but it’s interesting to see this content catching on with a larger audience.

Currently Pornhub features more than 2,600 of these videos, having started with just 30 back in Spring 2016. You can expect these figures to keep growing as VR itself grows in popularity. After all, porn is going to help the VR industry succeed. Didn’t you know that?

Pornhub Stats 5 Pornhub Stats 3

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  • Jak folk

    The same happened with streaming video and online transactions development.
    It’s a taboo opinion but, the internet is undoubtedly indebted to the porn industry and how it is shaped today.
    So, with this amount of views can only help the VR industry. Not that i’m sure any VR promotional material will ever admit.

  • joemitz

    Who doesn’t enjoy a good wank on xmas? Tis the season to be jolly.

  • Bel

    There is literally 20 gay 360 videos, wtf?

  • jimrp

    Go Porn Go Porn. Getting R dune way before i was born.

  • VR Geek

    Odd…we are finding men and women access our MetaverseXXX clips about the same amount.

  • Seriously, porn is a VR killer app. I’ve tried two main things that are porn related, an app called Sex Like Real and the Lucid Dreams 3D models of porn actresses (both have freebie demo stuff you can try without having to sign up to any accounts or anything), and they are genuinely cool. I’d seriously recommended any adult with a VR headset give them a go. Seeing a naked chick doing stuff to basically you in proper 3D like they’re actually there in front of you is pretty mind blowing (blowing, ha!). You’ve maybe watched porn in your day, but it’s different when it seems like the girl is actually at you directly and talking to you, and you can just sit there and watch her for as long as you want without her ever getting flustered or whatever.

  • Well, Italy is nowhere in the map… damn! I’ll have to watch 10.000 videos to make us to the top 😀

    • NooYawker

      You can do it!