Presence Episode 8 | An Interview With WorldViz’s Peter Schlueer About Warehouse-Scale VR

by Jason Evangelho • May 26th, 2016

This week, Joseph and UploadVR Games Editor David Jagneaux (subbing for the wonderful Jason, who’s literally in China right now) tackle more than a few big news stories from the world of VR. WorldViz Founder and President Peter Schlueer joins us to talk about bringing warehouse-level motion tracking to Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 – the two most widely used game engines currently around for VR – and what that means for the future of big, BIG virtual reality simulations. You thought you were hot stuff in your 15 by 15-foot living room? Try 50 by 50 meters.

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This week we’re joined by Peter Schlueer, founder and president of WorldViz. Founded in 2002, WorldViz specializes in creating large-scale VR applications for companies and institutions and NASA, MIT, and Lockheed Martin. Now they’re bringing their unique blend of warehouse-scale motion tracking software to Unity and Unreal Engine, two of the most popular game development engines around. Find out what that means for the VR industry, as well as practically every other industry that likes to think big.


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