PS4 Reaches 79 Million Shipments Worldwide, Sony Confirms

by Jamie Feltham • April 27th, 2018

Just in case you needed a reminder that Sony’s VR-ready console, PlayStation 4, is a huge success, the company this week confirmed that it’s now shipped 79 million units worldwide.

Sony confirmed as much in its fiscal results for the last financial year. Note that this is 79 million PS4s shipped, not sold. That refers to units that have been sent out to retailers to be bought by customers, not the actual number of customers that have picked up the console so far. Last we heard, though, PS4 had officially sold 70 million consoles as of December 7th 2017, so the current figure is likely to be quite close to 79 million.

19 million of those units were shipped in the last fiscal year, which is actually a decrease year-on-year, and it expects to ship 16 million in the coming 12 months, too. Software, wise, there’s an 18% increase in sales of games year-on-year and an increase in the number of PS Plus subscribers.

We didn’t hear sales figures for PS4’s compatible VR headset, PlayStation VR (PSVR) in the call, though again Sony confirmed last December that it had sold 2 million. With recent releases like Rick and Morty: Virtual-Rick Ality and a big price cut under its belt, can we expect to hear about the headset passing the 3 million mark in the coming weeks?

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