PS4 Ships 63.3 Million, PSVR ‘Contributed’ To Improved Sales

by Jamie Feltham • August 1st, 2017

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is doing as well as ever, and the company says its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset is partly to thank for that.

63.3 million PS4 units have now shipped worldwide. The company confirmed that figure in its latest quarterly report. Note that this doesn’t mean 63.3 million units have been sold to consumers, merely sent out to stores. Still, we know that PS4 has sold 60.4 million units as of June 11th, so that figure can’t be too far off.

More importantly for VR fans, though, Sony’s Games division highlighted a 5.4 percent year-over-year increases in revenue to ¥348.1 billion (about $3 billion). In the call, the company said that this was largely due to increased game sales and “the contribution of PlayStation VR.” Sony has previously said it makes money on every PSVR headset sold.

Sadly we didn’t get an update on sales figures for PSVR itself, though Sony did recently confirm the headset had sold over a million units, which is considered a pretty strong start in the early VR industry. PSVR launched back in October 2016.

The headset has a busy second half of the year coming up with big releases like Doom VFR and Skyrim VR. We’ve also seen several deals for the device held in the past few months, so we’ll be eager to see what kinds of offers will be around for Black Friday, and how that might impact sales. Can Sony hit 2 million before the year is out?

What's your reaction?
  • Hal Emmerich

    Nice, i have PSVR since launch, some 30 games and counting. Just playing dino frontier and preparing psychically for paranormal activity. Quantity and quality of games is going up!

  • M0rdresh

    Not a PSVR owner – but any success in the VR industry is good for me!

  • Mane Vr

    this it awesome if psvr can get close to 2 mil by the end of the yr and lets also hope that the combine vive and oculus finally hit a mill this yr too to start giving more devs a reason to look into vr. as a vr owner I have to thank sony cause without the psvr vr would be dying on the gaming side of things which is the only thing I care about

    • Brent

      No offense………… but you have to realize 2 million by the end of year is no different from 1 million of the beginningof the year IF sony PS4 sales go up another 10 million..

      IF 2% didn’t influence the Devs before.
      2% isn’t going to influence them now.

      PSVR needs a huge random spike of about 10-15% of all PS4 sales to garner real interest. Otherwise, I see PSVR just being another Kinect/Move

  • Wiines 007

    PSVR all day

  • Toby Zuijdveld

    “Can Sony hit 2 million before the year is out?”
    That was said to be their new target after they unexpectedly smashed their targets last year, but they still haven’t been advertising anything since production got up to speed. I’m doubtful at this point.

  • MaeseDude

    Now all I would like is a PSVR 2.0 at some point. Better display… and most of all, better tracking. I’m fine with the graphics, it’s mostly the sub-par tracking that is annoying at times and limiting the system. Oh, and Move 2.0 controllers with thumbsticks, please…

    • roflquest

      Second Move 2.0 controllers. I don’t have a problem with tracking, unless you mean the drift. After playing Resident Evil 7, I believe the graphics can almost get there, but a bump would be most welcome.