PS4’s 4.50 Update Hits Tomorrow Makes PSVR’s Social Screen, Cinematic Mode Better

by Jamie Feltham • March 8th, 2017

Did you know you can play almost all of your PS4 games inside PlayStation VR (PSVR)? No, they won’t be true VR experiences — unless they natively support the headset — but they will be displayed on an enlarged screen, a little like you were in a cinema.

In fact, the feature is called Cinematic Mode, and it’s actually pretty handy for watching movies too. The trouble is viewing these images through PSVR isn’t as clear as watching them through your TV, as the headset’s screen door effect, where the gaps between pixels are visible, comes into consideration. Tomorrow, however, Sony releases its latest system software update for PS4, 4.50, and it should help tackle that issue somewhat.

In an update on the PlayStation Blog the company noted that resolution on the virtual screen “will improve” after you’ve installed the update. On top of that, anyone using the small or medium screen sizes will also see content natively running on the console at 90Hz bump up to 120Hz with the help of the headset’s reprojection technology. The same effect is used to bring many PSVR games up to 120Hz.

4.50 is also set to improve Social Screen, referring to the image that’s display on your TV screen while you’re using PSVR. According to the company the resolution of this display will be “significantly better” in the PS4 home screen.

As previously noted, you’ll also be able to watch 3D Blu-ray movies within the cinematic mode with this update, making PSVR your very own private 3D TV.

It’s not the most significant set of updates for Sony’s popular headset, which is nearing one million units sold, but it’s certainly appreciated. PSVR has a promising few months ahead of it with releases like Starblood Arena and Farpoint that will hopefully lead into a big E3 for the headset this June.

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  • GarynTX

    I wonder if it will ever be possible to set it up where your head movement is counted as the camera control. Let the screen follow your head movement as a look direction. That would make it more immersive even though it would still be 2D.

    • Dav9834

      That’s actually what the smallest cinematic mode does, and it’s not fun. It’s quite nauseous, and I don’t get nauseous with anything from psvr besides that. I’m hoping they change it so it’s like medium and large screen. Medium = Best imo

      • Michael Lee

        I’m actually hoping they make it a separate option to have the cinematic screen in fixed forward position independent of screen size.

  • Fear Monkey

    Now gives us SBS video play Sony! Seriously, Most VR videos on Youtube are SBS, not H-OU, lets get that feature enabled on the media player and on Youtube. Also, does Netflix have 3D movies, if so lets get that going.

  • TempestWeaver

    The only reason to wear the headset is for vr. The screen quality just isn’t good enough otherwise. Waiting for psvr 2.0 with a 4k screen.

    • Kyle Pittman

      Have you tried it with the 4.50 update? It’s really not bad at all. It’s a big improvement over how it used to look. I would get a bit annoyed at watching a film before because the resolution was so low but now it’s totally watchable.