PS5 Won’t Arrive Until At Least 2021, Sony Says

by Jamie Feltham • May 23rd, 2018

Sony Corp. again today reiterated that you shouldn’t expect to see the next PlayStation console anytime soon.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal a day after noting that the company’s current console, the PS4, was reaching the end of its lifespan, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Tsuyoshi Kodera stated that it would be another three years before PlayStation made its next big move.

“We will use the next three years to prepare the next step, to crouch down so that we can jump higher in the future,” he said.

Wall Street’s report doesn’t make mention of what this might mean for PlayStation VR (PSVR), Sony’s virtual reality headset that’s powered by PS4. We’ve long assumed that any such successor to the headset would arrive on Sony’s next console, presumably to take advantage of increased processing power alongside any other new features. With this report, is it safe to assume PSVR 2 is at least three years out as well?

Elsewhere, Kodera reportedly stated that Sony was looking to incorporate ‘better mobility’ into PlayStation, perhaps suggesting that the next console might find ways to compete with Nintendo’s Switch console/portable hybrid device. Again, we can’t help but wonder what that might mean for VR; could a more portable PlayStation perhaps mean and all-new form factor for PSVR, too? It’s going to be a long few years of questions before we get some answers.

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