You Can Now Buy A PSVR With Just The Camera Bundled For Free

by David Jagneaux • May 3rd, 2017

Anything that you can do to get the price down for entering into the VR sphere is a good idea. When the PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset released last October, the options were a bit confusing. The $400 core version included only the headset and its breakout processing box, but didn’t include the camera (which is necessary for it to work at all) or any PlayStation Move controllers, which some games support and many games encourage. While you could snag a Launch Bundle that included the camera, two Move controllers, and PSVR Worlds for an extra $100, not everyone was willing to do that.

Perhaps as a response to some of those issues, it looks like Sony has issued a new way to purchase a PSVR. According to listings on both Amazon and Gamestop, you can now purchase a PSVR headset with the PS4 Camera included for just $400, essentially meaning the camera is now being included for free.

psvr camera amazon

It’s unclear whether or not this is a temporary bundle, but that’s what it sounds like on the Amazon page at least. Below the listing is a “Bonus Offer” tag with the description that, “For a limited time, get a free PS4 Camera with the purchase of a PlayStation VR headset.” The Gamestop listing does not include that information, simply stating that this product is called the “PlayStation VR with FREE PlayStation Camera” instead. As of the time of this writing, other listings, such as Best Buy, do not seem to offer the camera for free.

If you wanted to just buy the headset without a camera, you can still do that on Amazon, although it’s only $2 cheaper. But honestly, you’d be better off just getting the Camera bundle and reselling it if you really don’t want a spare.

Does this make the PSVR any more or less appealing to you if you haven’t gotten one yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to UploadVR reader Peter Wagner for noticing the new bundle on Amazon and Gamestop and letting us know!

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