PSVR Exclusive Adventure Game, Golem, Is Delayed Again

by David Jagneaux • March 6th, 2018

Usually when a game developer takes to Sony’s official PlayStation Blog to announce a game’s release date, that means it’s pretty much a sure thing — right? Well, that’s not the case with Golem from Highwire Games, an elusive PSVR-exclusive that was originally announced over two years ago at Sony’s 2015 PlayStation Experience. The game was slated for a March 13th release (that’s next week) but has now been delayed again to an undisclosed future date.

In a post on the company’s website, the development team states that they’re “still chiseling away” at the title:

We have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is… we’re going to delay Golem a bit longer. There’s no single reason for the delay, just a few small things that taken together make it the right thing for the game and for Highwire. We want to release a polished VR experience that we are proud of — there’s still some tuning and optimization to be done — and we’re too old for another insane death-crunch.

The good news is… we’re going to delay Golem a bit longer. The game is still coming out soon and we don’t expect the delay to be very long. In the meantime, go listen to Marty’s fantastic prequel album “Echoes of the First Dreamer” or play through Moss again. We’ll let you know when we have a new date.

I first got my hands on the game back at GDC in 2016 before the PSVR had even launched and then again most recently at PSX 2017 late last year. In my latest demo I came away with a lot of concerns, chief among them the movement system.

Instead of using teleportation or free locomotion, it’s all based off of the tilt and incline of a single PS Move controller. In my preview I said, “I’m not so sure it’s the solution we’ve all been waiting for,” and “it just doesn’t feel accurate enough and seems like a workaround for an issue that doesn’t really exist anymore.”

Time will tell if those apprehensions hold true on final release, but fingers crossed the finished product ends up better off from the extended development cycle. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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