PSVR MOBA Dark Eclipse Adds In Ranked Mode And More

by Jamie Feltham • November 26th, 2018

Sunsoft is ready to build on the solid foundations it laid out earlier this year with free-to-play PSVR multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), Dark Eclipse.

The developer this month announced a 2.0 update for the game that’s set to introduce some major new elements such as a Ranked Mode, a global leaderboard and more. The former will mean that players of a similar skill level will now be matched up online rather than you taking your chances with a hardened vet. Winning matches will help you climb a global leaderboard which will in turn pit you against more experienced players. Getting a Gold ranking on the boards will net you an exclusive skin.

Meanwhile there’s also going to be three more heroes added to the game. These include a tank character named Destrophe that can stun enemies, a highly mobile assassin named Dosmelda and a carry class named Zahina. The game itself is free to download and jump into so these updates will also be delivered at no extra cost.

We thought Dark Eclipse had some issues but was ultimately worth a look for players looking for something new in the genre. With some of these new additions that remains the case.

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