PSVR’s Farpoint Plus Aim Controller Bundle Gets A Price

by Jamie Feltham • March 8th, 2017

Since its reveal at E3 2016, we’ve watched Sony’s new Aim Controller for PlayStation VR (PSVR) with much intrigue. Last month we reported on a release date for the kit and, today, we’ve got an initial price as part of a bundle.

The Aim Controller will arrive with its first compatible game, Farpoint, on May 16th for $79.99 in the US ($99.99 in Canada) and May 17th for £74.99 in the UK. The company has already declined to comment about a possible separate release for the controller and how much that might cost. Farpoint itself will be releasing separately for $49.99 US/$59.99 CAN or £47.99 in the UK both physically and digitally and will support the DualShock 4 controller, too, but based on what we’ve seen the only real way to enjoy the game best is with the Aim.

The Aim controller is set to work with other titles, Sony has confirmed in the past, so we would expect a separate release later down the line. The device is shaped like a two-handed gun with the same glowing orb at the end seen on the PlayStation Move motion controllers, which are also used with PSVR. Unlike those controllers, though, Aim has two analog sticks, allowing players to move through environments much in the same way they would with a traditional controller.

On top of that, developer Impulse Gear is today announced a co-op mode for the game, where two friends can meet up online and go back through previously completed levels to take on enemies together, scoring points for kills. A PlayStation Blog post states the game will “launch” with four levels, suggests we could perhaps see more as DLC.

The game is set on a hostile alien world that players explore, taking down bug-like enemies as they go. We’ve been hands-on with it several times and found something that has potential to be one of PSVR’s best games so far.

Anyone looking to pre-order the game will get a Red Planet Wanderer Spacesuit to wear in-game. Look for more from Farpoint in the run up to launch in just over two months’ time.

Correction: This article was updated after publication with the correct bundle prices.

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  • Wyrd

    The PS Blog article states $79 in the US, $99 in Canada.

    • Fixed — good catch!

    • Thiago Oliveira

      Brazil, $999,00!

  • Cyclist

    I assume the old move rifle will work with this as well or am I wrong there?

    • I believe that is incorrect, but I haven’t specifically asked or tested that.

      • Cyclist

        The old one uses 2 move controllers. One with a ball, one without, in much the same configuration as this. I hope it does work since I kept it all this time. Not exactly like tossing my $400 wheel but I get tired of planned obsolescence.

        • Stefan Eckhardt

          Nope, it doesn’t work, has been confirmed multiple times. Besides a second analog stick the Aim probably has more elaborate sensors than the single Move Motion Controller in the Sharpshooter could provide (the Move Navigation Controller doesn’t have any sensors). I guess it just wasn’t enough for VR, the Sharpshooter would have had too much drift.

          Either Aim or DualShock, choose your weapon! 😉

          • Cyclist

            Thanks. Cheaper than my obsolete PS3 wheel at least….

  • Good God, look at that thing! How many speed settings does it have and is it dishwasher safe?

  • Brian Mendicino

    I just pre-ordered one, but I have to say, I’m a bit let down by the fact that there are no rumble packs built into the gun.

    • Nate

      Where did you preorder it? I usually preorder my games through Amazon due to the 20% discount but I haven’t seen it on there yet. Thanks.

      • Brian Mendicino

        I preordered it on Amazon. The 20% discount was applied after I checked out.

        • Nate

          Thanks Brian. Yeah I just found it on Amazon and got it preordered for $67 bucks (after taxes).

    • drd7of14

      It does have Rumble in the AIM controller.

  • Sryche

    I usually preorder through Best Buy here in NA and don’t see either the game or bundle listed for preorder yet…hopefully soon.

  • Nate

    Since there’s only 4 levels in the game to start…if they come out with the DLC extra levels almost immediately after launch much the same timing as RE7 did with their DLC I’ll be pretty disappointed because that will more than likely mean that they held back content that should have been in the original game just to make extra cash. Although I will probably wait for the reviews on the length of playtime for those 4 levels. David or Jamie- do either of you know how long the length of play is for the 4 levels? Thanks.

  • drd7of14

    I like the controller, having tried it out myself back at the PS4 Pro launch event in NYC. My only concern is that games designed with this in mind are limited by platform, at least in theory. Farpoint has opted for DS4 controller support as well, but I can’t imagine this game being as exciting without the AIM controller. So yeah…I just hope some similarly designed controller gets made for the Vive/Rift, so that more 3rd party developers will build some of their games with support for such a controller interface in mind.

    The Move is similar to Oculus Touch and HTC Vive controllers, albeit not as good, but the input/output are conceptually the same. The AIM controller needs an equivalent, aside from games only on PSVR ocassionally supporting it. Otherwise, I do feel it will be left in the dust.

    HTC Vive/Oculus Rift have definitely helped PSVR’s success, as does PSVR help them out too. More platforms, more exposure…More chances for a dev’s games to get sold, and therefore, they’ll be more willing to develop more games.

  • Nate

    I guess it’s fair to assume that we may never see a hand gun or other one-handed weapon used in a PS VR Aim featured/controlled game? I guess the Devs could do it but it may feel weird to see a single handed weapon in your HMD when your hands are positioned as though you’re holding a 2 handed gun/rifle. That’s not a deal breaker for me though, just an observation.