PSVR’s The Inpatient Debuts In Top 10 In UK Games Chart

by Jamie Feltham • January 29th, 2018

It looks like Supermassive Games might have something of a VR hit on its hands with The Inpatient.

GFK, the game sales-tracking group in the UK, just published its weekly list of the 40 best-selling retail titles over the last seven days. Surprisingly, The Inpatient just squeezed in at the #10 spot. We don’t know the exact sales figures, but we’re pretty sure this is the first new PSVR exclusive game since launch to make it into the top ten; even the hugely-popular Skyrim VR only made it to #19 on its launch week, though minigame compliation PlayStation VR Worlds has often charted highly.

What makes it all the more impressive is that last week was a big one for standard videogame releases; Capcom’s Monster Hunter World and Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Fighter Z both released in the past week. Pair that with the fact PSVR’s global install base is significantly lower than the other consoles games on the list debut on and The Inpatient deserves a pat on the back.

The game is a prequel to Supermassive’s popular horror game, Until Dawn, which might help explain some of its sales. It also helps that it’s priced a lot lower than other big titles, costing £25 (whereas Monster Hunter, for example, would set you back at least £40).

We quite liked The Inpatient, though it’s hampered somewhat by poor controls. “As a prequel to Until Dawn, it does a great job of fleshing out the lore a bit more, but it’s a bit short to really stand on its own,” our own David Jagneaux said in his review. “That being said, the moments that are there and the scares that they produce are totally worth experiencing.”

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