Psychonauts’ Playstation VR Announcement Skewers Palmer Luckey’s Time Magazine Cover

by Upload • December 5th, 2015

Palmer Luckey’s Time magazine cover was subject to a lot of playful internet ridicule, but Double Fine may have taken it to the next level with the announcement of a VR standalone title for it’s cult hit Psychonauts series.

Titled Psyconauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin the game announcement shows one of the series main characters, Raz donning a Playstation VR headset and then striking the same awkward bird pose as Luckey on the cover of Time Magazine. While likely just a playful dig, it is a reminder that we are headed towards what could be a serious battle between the major VR headset manufacturers, one that a recent debate on reddit has likened to the Console Wars. Winter is coming.


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