Rabbit Mountain Launches Sequel To Cardboard Hit ‘Jurassic VR’, Coming To Daydream And Gear

by Jamie Feltham • October 6th, 2016

Jurassic VR was a big hit for mobile developer Rabbit Mountain, surpassing 3 million downloads. The studio is now hopes to replicate that success with a sequel.

Rabbit Mountain has revealed Jurassic VR 2 exclusively to UploadVR. The Cardboard app is now available to download on the Google Play Store for free, with iOS support arriving soon. The original app was a hands-free experience in which the player explored a small area inhabited with prehistoric beasts. The sequel expands on the concept, introducing new mechanics like riding dinosaurs and new locations such as a virtual museum.

According to the developer’s Mick Brown, the game is set on a larger island, which you can navigate by flying on the backs of Pterosaurs. Each dinosaur also has been given specific behavioral patterns, meaning riding different beasts will take you to different locations. Ultimately the game is still about exploration, encouraging you to seek our every type of dinosaur.

The museum, meanwhile, offers a more educational experience, perhaps tapping into Cardboard’s growing presence in the classroom with initiatives like Google’s own Expeditions. Once again, the app will be powered by VR advertising platform, Immersv.

Jurassic VR 2 won’t be sticking to Cardboard either; Rabbit Mountain plans to bring the game to both the Gear VR and Google’s new Daydream platform in the future. With those versions will come another important new feature in free movement controllers. Currently the app always walks users forward, but Brown revealed that the team is already testing a free roaming version of the game that is intended for Daydream’s motion controller, and will also support a Bluetooth gamepad. The also supports non-VR play.

Meanwhile, Rabbit Mountain has another VR experience in the form of a new episodic horror series. The developer partnered with app developer Zariba on the piece.

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