Raw Data Is Getting A Free Weekend On Rift

by Jamie Feltham • January 11th, 2018

Yet to sample Survios’ debut VR wave shooter? This weekend presents the perfect opportunity to do so.

Raw Data, the stylish sci-fi action game from the VR-dedicated studio, is free to play this weekend on the Oculus Store (you’ll need to grab it from the desktop app). From 11pm MST today through to 15th January you’ll be able to do all the robot murdering you see fit at no extra cost. If you decide you like it then you can pick the game up for $39.99 straight after (or wait for the sales, in which it is a regular feature).

We’re quite fond of Raw Data, especially when you team up with three other people for co-op survival gameplay that lets you become a cyborg ninja or just unload hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Next up, Survios releases its highly-entertaining VR racing game, Sprint Vector, later this year.

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