Reaction Round-Up: Gamers (Mostly) Love PlayStation VR But Worry About Price + Pre-Orders

by Jamie Feltham • July 25th, 2016

PlayStation VR doesn’t release for another 79 days (yes, we’re counting too), but people all over the US have been going heads-on with the kit for the past month. Best Buy stores across the country have been demoing the anticipated VR headset since its E3 2016 blowout last month, and gamers have flocked to get the chance to try it out. So, how have fans reacted?

Based on Twitter posts from those that have tried it, there are a lot of people very happy with Sony’s new device. Take a quick search and it’s not hard to find swarms of people that recently got their first VR experience and came away impressed. Even skeptics are becoming convinced.

In fact, some people are even travelling great distances to get their hands on PS VR, while others even went back for more after their first taste.

Out of all the games being shown at these demo kiosks, it looks like Rebellion’s Battlezone is proving to be the most popular. The tank battling videogame is something of a revival of a classic series and sits players in the cockpit of a futuristic killing machine. It’s not hard to see why people like it, then.

As much as Battlezone is impressing, though, not everyone’s happy with PS VR’s $399 price tag. It’s significantly cheaper than its PC-based competitors, but still as much as a brand new console, which isn’t something everyone can spend on a whim.

Meanwhile, others seem ready to embrace the VR future, but can’t actually pre-order PS VR. Frustratingly, Sony has already sold out of what it says is its last wave of pre-orders for the US. It’s a bit of a puzzling move to start showcasing the device when it’s not available to actually pre-order, isn’t it?

Not everyone is sold on PS VR, though. Some don’t believe it’s quite as good as rivals like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

There are also some that are just straight up uninterested in the kit in its current form. Some people don’t think it’s up to snuff yet, be it because of visual fidelity or form factor.

Overall, though, it seems to me that a lot of people are excited about PS VR, which is great news. The kit launches on October 13th 2016 and we’re looking forward to seeing how the launch line-up takes shape. One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be a busy Christmas for VR fans.

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