RED’S Hydrogen Phone Slated For AT&T And Verizon Launch In 2018

by Ian Hamilton • May 17th, 2018

Camera maker RED is planning to bring its holographic phone to Verizon and AT&T later this year.

The Hydrogen One is said to have a display that shows depth without any glasses required, and a PDF on the RED website outlines its planned feature set for around $1,300. That same sheet lists a Q1 planned shipping window, so it is already delayed.

Facebook recently announced a partnership with the camera maker to design a high-end system capable of capturing volumetric footage. It remains unclear, however, how this phone might fit into the workflows of people using the company’s cameras. RED is working on a new kind of format it calls “4-View” the phone is capable of playing, and the Hydrogen One is designed to be modular and expandable so you just connect new components to change its functionality.

RED has a strong track record of delivering on its promises, so we are anxious to see what this gadget is capable of when it finally arrives.

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  • Jistuce

    A display not dissimilar to my old Evo3D, I’d wager. I miss that phone.

    • daveinpublic

      Probably that plus 3D tracking, so you as you move the phone around you can look around an object using ARCore.

  • Another Opinion

    Not digging the aesthetics of the phone itself. Kinda similar to many gaming laptop designs

    • Rothgarr

      A design like that might be out of place for a companies like Apple, Samsung, etc. but that’s what all of Red’s other products look like.

  • I’m very curious about what they’ll actually ship