Report: Acer Planning VR Products

by Ian Hamilton • February 18th, 2016

Taiwan-based consumer electronics company Acer is planning to debut a VR product in the next few months, according to a report by the Taipei Times.

CEO Jason Chen reportedly told journalists “Acer has been conducting research and development [R&D] of VR technologies for a while” and the company’s technologies will “surprise everyone.” The first product is said to debut in the first half of 2016.

Acer offers a “VR Ready” desktop PC equipped with a GTX 980TI graphics card but the comments regarding R&D suggest something much more aggressive in the pipeline. Though Mobile World Congress is next week and Acer is an exhibitor at the event, we reached out to see if the company would be doing anything and a representative said there aren’t any plans for VR-related announcements connected to MWC.

VR is an incredibly hard technology to do right and the work of Oculus, Valve and Sony represent years of effort by dedicated teams of experts. It’s unclear what Acer intends to make but the bar for a quality head-mounted display is quite high. There is, however, a lot of room for innovation in the PCs and accessories used as part of a VR experience.

We’ll keep following Acer and bring you updates as we learn more.

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