Report: Google’s Daydream Headset To Cost $79, Could Be Made By HTC

by Jamie Feltham • October 4th, 2016

The first Daydream headset’s price may have been revealed just ahead of today’s Made By Google conference, and it looks like it could literally give Samsung a run for its money.

Variety is citing sources “with knowledge of the announcement” in saying that the search engine giant’s own brand of headset, which is expected to be revealed in full later today, will cost just $79. The site doesn’t confirm if this price tag will include both the headset and the motion controller required to use it, but considering that it’s essential we wouldn’t be surprised to find it bundled in. That’s just speculation on our part, however.

If true, that makes the first Daydream headset $20 less expensive than the $99 Gear VR, which doesn’t come with a controller but is instead fitted with an on-board touchpad. That would make this a serious contender to Oculus and Samsung’s mobile VR throne, especially considering Daydream headsets will work with a variety of phones across different manufacturers, and not just a line of Samsung phones. Variety states that the device could be released as early as this month.

The site also suggests that Google’s Daydream headset could actually be made by HTC. Reports have suggested that the search engine giant’s all-but-confirmed Pixel phones, which are also expected to be revealed today, are being made by the Taiwanese company, so this would be consistent if true. HTC of course also has expertise in the VR field with the HTC Vive, which runs with high-end PCs. If it’s true then don’t expect the headset to feature the HTC logo; it will still be Google’s own VR headset.

Previous reports have also suggested that the device could be named Daydream View. This is just one set of many Daydream compatible phones and headsets we’re hoping to see in the coming weeks and months, however. Google might set the standard, but we’re looking forward to seeing what partner companies Samsung and Huawei bring to the table with their own devices.

Made By Google gets underway at 9AM PT / Noon ET / 4PM GMT / 5PM CET / 9:30PM IST. Here are five questions we’re hoping will be answered during the event.

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