Report: Motorola To Release Smartphone-Based VR Headset For Moto Z

by Jamie Feltham • March 13th, 2018

Lenovo has plenty going on in the VR world already and now it looks like its subsidiary, Motorolla, is jumping into the industry too.

Respected mobile industry leakster Evan Blass recently posted two images of a Virtual Viewer by Motorola that fall under the company’s Moto Mods brand. Moto Mods allow Moto Z users to augment their smartphone with a range of peripherals from projectors to improved cameras and more.

No further details about the viewer have been released, but it’s not like there’s much more to find out. The hole in the front cover allows the Moto Z’s front-facing camera to peer into the real world but, other than that, it looks like a fairly unremarkable smartphone-based headset. We’d expect it to play Google Cardboard apps.

Of course, the Moto Z is one of a handful of smartphones that already supports Google’s Daydream mobile VR ecosystem, which requires the View headset to run. If you’re a Z user and are looking to get into VR, we’d recommend starting there rather than waiting for this new release.

Meanwhile, in Lenovo world, we’re looking forward to the release of the Mirage Solo, a Daydream-ready standalone headset with 6DOF tracking.

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